Bells University of Technology Otta School Fees 2024/2025

The Bells University of Technology Otta School Fees are one of the important things you should consider before applying to study at the college. Both prospective and returning students should check their fees below.

Bells University of Technology Otta School Fees


Bells University of Technology Otta School Fees

The Bells University of Technology has officially released its school fees schedule for the 2023/2024 academic session, which applies to both new and returning students.

This fee structure is applicable to both domestic and international students.


It is a matter of great interest for those who have either chosen Bells University during their registration, taken part in the admission screening process, or are simply curious about the institution’s fee details.

Fresh and prospective students often search for Bells University of Technology’s tuition fees as soon as their names appear on the admission list, even before the new academic session commences.

It is important to note that the approved fees for the 2023/2024 academic year at Bells University of Technology vary depending on the specific program of study.

All Bells University of Technology students are strongly encouraged to make their tuition fee payments on time, using the approved banks designated by the university’s management.


How much are the School Fees for Bells University?

The school fees for the different colleges are as follows:

Tuition 453,750 453,750 453,750 453,750
Library Development 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000
Examination Fee 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
ICT Fees 10,000 10,000 30,000 10,000 10,000
Infrastructural Dev. Fee 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
Laboratory, Studio & Shop 50,000 100,000 150,000 150,000 100,000
Accommodation 180,000 180,000 180,000 180,000 180,000
E-Library + Kortext 103,000 103,000 103,000 103,000 103,000
BUSA Fees 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000
New Horizon 40,000 40,000 40,000 40,000 40,000
Maintenance 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
Sport 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
BUPF 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000
Subtotal (200-500) Level 1,054,750 1,104,750 1,174,750 701,000 1,104,750
25% 263,688 276,188 293,688 175,250 276,188
Another 25% 263,688 276,188 293,688 175,250 276,188
25% 263,688 276,188 293,688 175,250 276,188
Another 25% 263,688 276,188 293,688 175,250 276,188
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Bells University School Fees Payment

To ensure an easy and secure payment process for your Bells University school fees, please follow the guidelines below:

Payment Options

1. Tuition and Fees: You have the flexibility to pay your tuition and fees in two equal installments. The breakdown is as follows:

    • First 25% upon resumption for the first semester.
    • Second 25% before the commencement of the first-semester examination.
    • Third 25% upon resumption for the second semester.
    • Final 25% before the commencement of the second-semester examination.

2. Payment Method: All payments must be made securely online through the University’s payment portal. You can use a Mastercard or Verve Debit card for the transaction. Ensure you have your student matric number and password ready.

For various other payments like Miscellaneous Payments, such as plagiarism and integrity checks, medical bills, transcript requests, and more, please visit the designated link on the university’s website.

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Payment Methods

We provide multiple convenient payment methods to suit your preferences:

1. Credit/Debit Cards: Our portal accepts MasterCard and Verve cards, both of which are equipped with SafeToken security measures as mandated by your bank. Rest assured that your card information is encrypted and kept secure.

Please note that we do not accept Electronic Funds Transfer or Bank Deposit as payment methods.

2. Receipts: Once your payment is successfully processed, you can access your payment receipts on the same portal. Simply navigate to the payment history section to find all your receipts.

If you require any additional documentation or have inquiries about your payment, please feel free to reach out to our Bursary Department.

At Bells University, we prioritize the security and convenience of your school fee payment, ensuring that your academic journey starts off on the right foot.

Courses Offered at Bells University

The courses are:

College of Food, Agricultural Science and Technology (COLFAST)

1. Food Technology

2. Nutrition and Dietetics

3. Agriculture and Agricultural Technology with Options in Agronomy, Agribusiness, and Fisheries and Animal Sciences

College of Natural and Applied Science (COLNAS)

1. Microbiology

2. Biochemistry

3. Industrial Chemistry

4. Physics with Electronics

5. Applied Mathematics

6. Statistics

7. Computer Science

8. Information Technology

College of Management Sciences (COLMANS)

1. Economics

2. Accounting

3. Finance and Banking

4. Human Resources

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5. Marketing

6. Business Computing

7. International Business

8. Management Technology (Project Management)

College of Environmental Sciences (COLENVS)

1. Architecture

2. Building Technology

3. Estate Management

4. Quantity Surveying

5. Surveying and Geoinformatics

6. Urban and Regional Planning

College of Engineering (COLENG)

1. Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering

2. Mechanical Engineering

3. Mechatronics Engineering

4. Civil Engineering

5. Electrical, Electronics Engineering

6. Biomedical Engineering

7. Computer Engineering

8. Telecommunication Engineering

These are the undergraduate degree programs offered at Bells University of Technology, covering a wide range of disciplines within various colleges.

What are the Requirements for Bells University Courses?

To be eligible for admission to Bells University undergraduate programs, applicants must meet the following requirements: A minimum of five (5) O’ Level Credit passes at one or two sittings in SSCE/GCE/NECO or equivalent examinations.

These credit passes must include English Language and Mathematics, along with other subjects that are pertinent to the intended course of study.

Meeting these criteria is essential for prospective students to be considered for admission to their chosen programs at Bells University.

These requirements ensure that students have a strong foundation in fundamental subjects, enabling them to excel in their academic pursuits.

Bells University of Technology Otta school fees may appear costly, but with careful planning and thought given to the several payment options, furthering your degree at this prestigious institution can become a reality.

Don’t forget to look into grants and scholarships to lower the cost of your studies.


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