List and Type of American Foods for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

List and Type of American foods for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Did you know that some food we consume is heavily steeped in our culture and tied to our identity? Even in case of American foods too. In the case of Africans for some time now they have come to identify themselves with specific meals that are linked to Uncle Sam. But what takes part in American dishes or cuisine is that it is the fast-food from restaurants. Here are some of the widely-known American foods for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.


Although food trends have changed in the past decades, some delicious dishes are still popular on the menu. A large number of these cuisines are classical specialties that cannot be overlooked as being unique to the American people and their definition of what fits in their various course meals.


List of American foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Types of Popular breakfast foods in American

Here are some common dishes mostly consumed by Americans as breakfast meals:

Popular breakfast foods in American

Here is what you will likely be going to find on an American’s breakfast plate:



1. Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich

Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich

This famed breakfast meal consists of bacon, cheese, and eggs served with buttered or toasted bread. Many joints mostly brand and market it with an acronym-BE&C.


2. Breakfast burrito

Also referred to as breakfast wrap, this breakfast delicacy is composed of several ingredients that may include potatoes, scrambled eggs, onions and bacon wrapped in a flour tortilla burrito.

Breakfast burrito

3. Buttermilk pancakes

Americans added flavor to pancakes by adding buttermilk as one of the ingredients. This makes the pancakes thick and fluffy.

Buttermilk pancakes

4. Grits

Grits are considered as cereals on the American food pyramid. Most people consume grits with shrimp. This is an ideal breakfast meal to get you started for the long day ahead.


5. Chicken and waffles

This is one of the notable American staple foods that consists of fried chicken, crisps, waffles, and occasionally a topping of maple syrup.

Chicken and waffles

6. Key lime pie

This pie is Florida’s official state pie. The initial use of sweetened condensed milk gives the dessert a creamy texture. The pie is made of lime juice, sweetened condensed, milk, and egg yolks in a pie crust.

Key lime pie

7. Sourdough bread

The miners or ‘sourdough,’ as they were called, never lacked to carry this bread during the gold rush era. In 1849, Boudin Bakery started baking the bread and since then, the loaf has become popular on the American breakfast table.

Sourdough bread

8. S’mores

This is one of the easy breakfast desserts to prepare it as it only demands roasted marshmallow, sweet crackers, and chocolate rolled up in between pieces of graham crackers.


9. Twinkies

This American snack cake was initially made of banana cream filling. Twinkies, ‘yellow cake’, is served with cream that provides lots of calories when consumed. The loaf is marketed today as a ‘golden sponge cake with a creamy filling.’


Types of Popular lunch foods in American

What Americans likely consume as lunch:



American lunch meals

Just take a look at these amazing American lunch delicacies:

1. Burger

If you are asking, “Where can I get American foods near me?”, burgers are your answer. Burgers are available in nearly every local fast food outlet. Common burger concepts consist of ground meat, tomato, gooey cheese, lettuce, and sauce sandwiched between sliced bread buns. When taking it, you can add a topping like mayonnaise, onions, mustard, and relish.


2. The classic hot dog

The hot dog is popular street food in the US that rocks a sausage sandwiched between sliced buns with ketchup or mustard toppings. Any type of meat can be used to make the sausage. The hot dog can be either grilled, microwaved, boiled, or even baked.

classic hot dog

3. The cheeseburger

Burgers, no doubt, fall among popular staples common with food chains like McDonald’s. A Cheeseburger is simply a burger topped with cheese with a variant of toppings that may include lettuce, bacon, onion, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, spinach or olives.


4. Reuben sandwich

This is one of the popular classic sandwiches that ranks top on the American food recipes. A Reuben sandwich is made up of grilled corned beef matched with sauerkraut with a topped Swiss cheese all dressed between two rye bread.

Reuben sandwich

5. Barbecue ribs

Who does not love ribs? The fact is, you cannot fail to spot some people indulging in barbecue ribs in several recreational or restaurant joints. A classic rib can be of beef or pork. The grilled ribs can be taken with vinegar or tomato-based sauce depending on the preference.

Barbecue ribs

6. The BLT

The sandwich earns its name from the mix of bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.


7. Apple pie

If the infamous cliché, ‘As American as apple pie’ is something to go by, this symbolic pie is one of the most popular desserts in America. Apple pie will have vanilla ice cream, cheddar cheese, or whipped cream on top.

Apple pie

8. Philly Cheesesteak

This hot dog steak is one of the regional foods to have originated in South Philadelphia. Philly Cheesesteak is a mix of sliced beef, chip steak, cheese, and onions inside a hoagie roll.

Philly Cheesesteak

9. California roll

California roll is a typical American dinner menu meal prepared with sticky white rice that is served with crab meat, avocado, dried seaweed or cucumber.

California roll

10. Beef jerky

One of the native food snacks in America. The old practice of drying meat still lives on to date. Jerky can be from any lean meat including beef, pork, or turkey.

Beef jerky

11. Buffalo chicken wings

The cuisine is popular in grill joints and bars in the United States. The food is precisely spicy deep-fried chicken wings coated with cayenne pepper, hot sauce, and butter. The name ‘Buffalo’ stuck after a family-owned bar in Buffalo introduced the dish on its menu in 1964.

Buffalo chicken wings

12. Baked Alaska

A creation of Delmonico’s restaurant, the dessert is ideally slices of sponge cake topped with layers of ice cream and then coated in toasted meringue.

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Baked Alaska

Types of Common dinner foods in American

Curious to know what consists a typical American dinner? Check this out.

Common American dinner foods

Here is a list of the most common American dinner delicacies:

1. Meatloaf

Although the dish has its roots in Europe, it has gained a reputation since the industrial revolution thanks to the meat grinder that made an appearance at the same time. A meatloaf dish is a baked loaf stashed with ground meat, diced onion, sauce, and spices.


2. Macaroni and cheese

Simply called Mac & Cheese, this is one of the common American foods that has defied the test of time. This meal consists of cooked macaroni flavored with cheese sauce like cheddar. American food restaurants are famed to prepare the mouthwatering treat of these noodles with creamy cheese.

Macaroni and cheese

3. Fajitas

Today, you are bound to find fajitas as grilled meat on a tortilla, and sometimes served with an array of condiments that includes green pepper, grilled onions, shredded cheese, or sour cream.


4. Chicago’s deep-dish pizza

Making headway since the Second World War, pizza has become one of the popular foods in America. The delicacy is made up of pizza baked in a pan layered with cheese, meat fillings, vegetables, and sauce.

Chicago's deep-dish pizza

5. Thanksgiving turkey dinner

An iconic staple food that dates back to the American holiday of Thanksgiving. The yummy turkey can be grilled or deep-fried and dressed in cornbread, onion, celery, fruits, chestnuts, or oysters.

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Thanksgiving turkey dinner

6. Tater Tots

As far as some food critics will point to how Tots are not healthy, no one is putting the meal off the shelf. Tater Tots consists of crunchy fried potatoes served as a side dish. It’s a typical American version of French fries.

Tater Tots

7. Baked beans

Baked beans are among traditional American dishes popular among the Native Americans. The protein-rich starch meal consists of beans that are baked but in most cases, stewed in a sauce.

Baked beans

8. Wild Alaskan salmon

No doubt, US is home to the best salmon fish. Like all fish, this classical fish delicacy is a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Wild Alaskan salmon

9. Grilled cheese sandwich

The advent of the sliced bread in 1928 paved the way for the invention of grilled cheese. Later, a brilliant American soon discovered a brilliant milk by-product-cheese. Within no time, the duo became enjoined in a recipe.

Grilled cheese sandwich

10. Cornbread

Originally a main dish of the indigenous Americans, cornbread heavily engrained in American food culture. The major ingredient of this bread is leaven and ground cornmeal mixed with baking powder. Cornbread can be taken with meat, stew, or salad.


11. Cheesecake

This sweet dessert is prepared with cookies or a sponge cake base with cream cheese, eggs, sugar, nuts, and other condiments toppings.


Other Types of American foods

The list above is not 100% complete; there are other types of American cuisines and delicacies that are popular all over the world. We cannot conclude the post without the mention of these additional foods.

  • The lobster roll
  • Cobb salad
  • Jambalaya
  • Rattlesnake stew
  • Biscuits ‘n gravy
  • Onion rings
  • Frybread tacos
  • Banana split
  • Maryland crab cakes
  • The po-boy
  • Muffuletta
  • Fried alligator
  • Cheese Curds

How did you feel reading, We know you cannot wait to grab some hot dogs or cheeseburgers after reading this. Hunger has started kicking in, right? Lols. I bet you have not tried all the listed foods. How did you feel about the post, did you need directions on how to prepare them, or get them? Please let us know through the comments box. Meanwhile, the post is not only for Americans but also in other parts as well.


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