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Hard Drive Damage: Is there any hope to Retrieve the Lost Data?

Despite all the security measures, data loss has not yet become a rare thing. It
continues to be a significant cause of concern for people, especially businesses. So,
they put a lot of effort and investment into protecting their data. Now, when it comes to
cloud storage, your files are considerably safe there.

But, you can never be sure about that with hardware mediums like hard drives. After all,
you may end up damaging that at any time. Once that happens, the data you stored
there is gone, or you are restricted from using the files and folders.

Is there any way you can retrieve your data from a damaged hard drive? If that’s what
you’re wondering, the information coming up will be helpful to you. But, you need to
understand the issue first and then get to a solution.

How does Hard Drive Data get Corrupted?

Have you ended up damaging your hard drive? Do consider reaching out to a
professional data recovery Dubai. In this case, “damage” refers to both physical and
software damages.

If you think about it, there’s a wide range of causes behind a damaged hard drive. But
some of them are more common as compared to others. The hard drive data probably
got damaged in one of the following ways:

   1. Failed software

Has your hard drive got quite old? In such a case, it is bound to face the issue at some
point. To make it worse, the software in it may fail at any given time. So, you need to be
very careful about this malfunction and take measures to prevent it.

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  2. Damage in one or more sectors

If any sector of your hard drive gets damaged, that’ll corrupt its data. This is yet another
cause that’s quite common for corrupt hard drive data. Fortunately, those who haven’t
faced this can prevent it.

  3. Sudden power failures

Did you face a power failure while using the data on your hard drive? In that case, you
must first check whether your files are in perfect order after the power returns. That’s
because, in many cases, users find their data damaged after power failures.

   4. Virus attacks

This is one of the most common causes behind damaged hard drive data. That’s why
you need to take proper measures against it. Also, remember that no user is safe from
viruses and malware.

   5. Accidents and disasters

Apart from other things, your hard drive may get damaged due to unfortunate incidents
or disasters. It’s not uncommon for office computers to get damaged in fires or floods. In
such cases, you end up corrupting or losing all the important data stored in them.

   6. Overheating

A common problem like overheating can also end up corrupting your hard drive data.
So, you need to take the necessary measures to keep your device cool.

How to know your Hard Drive is Corrupted: Common Signs

Users often fail to detect hard drive corruption in its early stages. As a result, it spreads
and corrupts most of the data. But, there’s always a way to prevent that if you look out
for these warning signs:

   1. Frequent crashing and freezing

This issue can indicate a wide range of issues in your device, which includes hard drive
corruption. If you’re not aware of such a problem in your device, you must check for it.
The sooner you detect it, the fewer data you’ll need to recover after all.

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   2. Slow device

Are you experiencing a slow working speed on your device? That is never a good sign
and may indicate an issue with the hard drive. All software usually comes with pre-
installed tools to find disk issues. You must utilise the one in your device to prevent or at
least minimise data loss.

   3. Data loss

This is one of the most obvious signs of a failing hard drive. Do you click on the file and
see the message that it doesn’t exist? In that case, you might want to consult a
professional or try to find a solution yourself.

4. Making unusual sounds

You must keep your ears open for any unusual noises from your computer. They are
always a bad sign and indicate some other problems. Do you hear a screeching noise?
Shut down the device immediately and consult a professional. The same hack should
be applied when you hear a beeping sound.

5. Failing to start

Unable to boot up your computer? This might indicate considerable damage to your disk
drive. But, you can’t be sure unless you hire an expert to look into the issue.

Is there a way to retrieve Data from a Corrupt Hard Drive?

If a part of your hard drive is corrupted, so is the data stored in that part. So, retrieving it
sounds impossible, but luckily it isn’t. If you have backed up the data, you can download
and restore it in another drive.

But, let’s suppose you didn’t back it up, which is probably why you’re here. What do you
do in such cases? Then you must try out one of the following solutions:

   1. Data Recovery Applications

These apps are a sigh of relief for users who have lost their crucial data. If you haven’t
used them before, now is the time to give them a try. But can they recover the data from
a damaged drive? In case you’re wondering, yes, they can. So, all you need to do is find
a reliable one and get to the task.

Which data recovery apps are worth trying?

You must choose a data recovery app according to your requirements. First, make sure
they’re compatible with your device. Also, a general rule in this matter is that you must

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choose a pay-to-use application. The free ones are often unreliable and may even
contain malware. Additionally, they allow free recovery only up to a certain limit.
EaseUS, Recuva, Stellar, DiskDrill, Wondershare, AnyRecover, and TogetherShare are
some options worth trying. In case you’re looking for more, there are many other viable
options as well.

   2. Data Recovery Services

No matter how useful they are, apps may not always be the best for the job. In cases of
physical hard drive damage, you must hire data recovery professionals. They can
retrieve any data from any hard drive for you.

If you find a skilled and professional service, it’ll be a worthwhile investment. Then, it’s
only a matter of time before you recover all of the lost data. Also, don’t forget to back it
up this time.

What to look for in a data recovery service?

For something as serious as the data recovery, you can’t let anything go wrong. So, you
need to find a reliable service who can assure you that. Also, keep in mind that the
recovery must be successful in the first attempt. Otherwise, the chances of retrieving all
of your data will decrease with subsequent attempts. So, experience is another attribute
that you must look for in the service.

Customer ratings can give you some idea about the service that you’re considering.
Also, you must place as many queries as you want to them regarding their services.
Lastly, not to mention, you’d also want to make sure they suit your budget.

Can you Recover the Data?

Retrieving data from damaged hard disks all by yourself isn’t advisable unless you’re a
professional. Do get an app for the purpose or give the task to a professional data
recovery service. You have nothing more to worry about if you’ve chosen the right data
recovery and data security partner.

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