African Countries That Manufacture Guns And Ammunitions

It was reported that at least 11 nations currently produce some of the weapons used by the police and military.


Below are the five African countries that produce their weapons and even export them to other countries.




Nigeria started producing weapons in the 60s. Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) is responsible for the production of defense equipment and civilian products in the country. DICON was founded in 1964 with its headquarters in Kaduna State.

Some of the locally made weapons and fighting equipment are Munitions, Small arms, Artillery, Explosives, Armored vehicles MRAPs.




Egypt began the production of weapons in the 1820s and is one of the most active producers of military arsenal in Africa. Some of the military weapons produced in Egypt include grenades and other explosives, anti-tank rockets, rocket mortars, radars and other electronic equipment, small calibre and heavy ammunition, mortars, mines, rifles, pistols, smoke and pyrotechnic devices, machine guns, communications equipment, aircraft communications equipment, gyroscopes, training aircraft including jet aircraft and helicopters, armoured vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, alpha jet engines, weapon sights, binoculars, periscopes, and some infrared night vision binoculars, ships, and periscopes.

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The manufacturing of weaponry in Ethiopia began in the 18th century during the era of Emperor Tewodros.

Ethiopia is one of the African countries that are actively participating in the production of weapons. Ethiopia has been involved in the production of grenade propelled rockets, PKM Machine guns, small arms, riffles, handguns.



South Africa is arguably the most advanced country in Africa when it comes to weapons production. The production of weapons in South Africa dates back to the apartheid regime. The Armaments Corporation of South Africa was originally established in 1968 as an arms production company. Some of the locally produced weapons are riffles, handguns, assault helicopters, and Bombs.

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Ghana has been actively producing guns for a very long time. Some of the weapons manufactured in Ghana are been used by their military but some of them are smuggled into neighbouring countries. The prominent locally produced weapons are pistols, shotguns and single-barrel guns.


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