Accident And Personal Injury Insurance Claims

What else does this trauma mean to you, other than destroying your body (and sometimes your personal life)? This means major financial costs, including repairing your car, lost wages, a shock to your lifestyle, enormous discomfort and short-term or long-term pain, all a direct result of your injuries.


There is also a long list of possible medical costs. For example: physician/chiropractor, bills for prescription drugs, emergency care, emergency department, hospital or clinic, specialist physician and/or dentist, laboratory fees and services, diagnostic tests, x-rays and (CT) scans, prosthetic or surgical equipment (sticks). and crutches), physiotherapy, registered and/or practical health care costs, gauze and plaster, first class bandages, everything has to be paid for by the insurance, whether they like it or not!




Also creams, lotions, ointments, balms and ointments, etc. (If a woman in your life uses any of these on your aching body, I’m sorry to report it, but her work is not an expense that you can declare).


FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE BENEFITS YOU MUST RECEIVE BENEFIT FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY: It’s true that a very small percentage of road accidents result in serious, serious injuries, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive big, serious money!

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EXAMINATION BY THE INSURANCE COMPANY DOCTOR: Claims adjuster Henry Hard Nose at Rock Solid Insurance usually tries a quick shot by insisting that he wants you examined by his doctor of choice, all local medical scams once, Doctor. Damned wrong. Beware of such a request. Doctors hired by the insurance company have been known to report “no objective evidence” for your complaints, for which they get a lot of money.


You must pass an exam with a doctor. Damned wrong. Rock Solid Insurance cannot require you to see your doctor for a checkup unless your request actually becomes a formal legal process. So wait for your primary care physician, Ole “Doc” Comfort, to release you. After that you can agree to the research, because then it will be too late! So much time has passed that Dr. False to minimize the pain, discomfort and suffering caused by the injury.

WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR PHARMACY ACCOUNTS IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE IN GETTING LEGAL ASSISTANCE FROM LAWYER I.M. SHARP: If in your case there is no doubt that it is not your fault, inform your assigned legal beagle, I.M. Sharp, Esquire, you understand that a contingent fee does not cover damage to your vehicle, your medical bills and/or loss of wages. You tell him that this is the damage you would have received anyway, whether he handled the case for you or you handled the case yourself. Don’t be foolish enough to give him a huge percentage of what the insurance company would have paid you, regardless of whether Attorney Sharp handled the case. This is the height of financial stupidity!

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YOUR INJURIES: The vast majority of road accidents have been proven to result in minor injuries. While the pain of a physical injury can be measured specifically, there are no limits to what you can tolerate. Each of us has a different “pain threshold” – the point at which we begin to feel physical pain. The amount and quality of pain you feel does not necessarily depend on the physical injury inflicted. This has a lot to do with your past experiences, how well you remember them, and your ability to understand what caused that pain and its consequences last time.


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Stress and tension increase physical pain, and personal anxiety greatly increases it. There are also emotional reactions to the trauma. Physical injuries inevitably cause some level of psychological distress. The duration and severity, which depend on a number of factors: the personality type, the ultimate effects of the trauma suffered, and the stress or forces you experience during the trauma. (If you can’t stand her and she gets the dust, you better handle your pain by really holding on to that girl and leaving for your best friend)!


One thing to remember about muscle injuries is that when a part of your body needs rest (sending a pain signal) and without even realizing it, you are helping your body by straining other muscles. This is complicated by the fact that while these muscles were not directly damaged in the accident, their new role can still damage them and cause a great deal of pain.


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