Choice Home Warranty

According to a survey, Choice home warranty is among the sought-after home warranty coverage in America. Firstly, it does not end with buying homeowners insurance, you also need to put into consideration, all your home appliances, and systems. Not just that but also, it is really important to choose an insurance company that is reliable and with an affordable policy.

Choice Home Warranty


So that, whenever it all boils down to home repair, your good home warranty will come in handy. A home warranty takes your mind away from financial worry. It lets you know that should anything break or wear out, you can replace or repair it without having to worry about the cost.

What is Choice Home Warranty?

The Choice home warranty is a coverage plan offered by Choice insurance company. Choice home warranty covers appliances, like refrigerators, washers and dryers, and lots of other home appliances and systems that break down due to normal wear and tear. This company came into being in 2008, founded by Victor Hakim. Also, the company provides coverage to more than 1.6 million homes already.


What Choice Home Warranty covers

With choice, you have the option of choosing from the two available plans.

 The basic plan

Now, the basic plan costs $560 and covers some appliances and a few basic systems in the home. However, it does not cover air conditioners, refrigerators, and dryers.

The total plan


First, the total plan cost about $660 per year and covers the air conditioners, garage door system, built-in microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, heating system, and all electrical systems.

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Additionally, your Choice home warranty could cover a

  • A second refrigerator,
  • A roof leak
  • Floor furnace,wall-mounted units
  • Hot water or steam circulating units

And other home systems. Depending, however, on your policy.

Choice Home Warranty Discounts

Usually, insurance companies make discounts available to their consumers. But most times, you must prove your eligibility.

The same goes for Choice home warranty policyholders. Whenever it is time, the company holds some holiday discount services and promos. Meanwhile, you have to reach out to Choice to get firsthand information about their eligibility for discounts. And also, when they have their promos.

 What is not covered upfront

In continuation, there are limits to what your Choice home warranty can cover. For example, your warranty does not cover tree damage or any damage that is structured like the building itself. More so, this home warranty does not cover:

  • Damaged or broken drain
  • Vents or sewer lines outside your home’s main foundation
  • Bathtubs
  • Holding or storage tanks
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Septic tanks
  • A stoppage caused by collapsed, damaged, or broken drain.

How to purchase Choice home warranty

Obviously, this step is just an easy task. You might need to speak with an agent or pay the company a visit. More so, you can go online to their website and ask for a quote.

Quotes are mostly free so, take advantage of them. Then, they will ask you to fill in some details about yourself. Make sure you give the right information even if they ask for pictures of your home. It will help the company to tailor your coverage to suit you and your pocket.

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Choice Home Warranty services

Basically, the company has standby technicians that come around to check out appliances after a claim. So, if a customer makes a claim about a system or appliance breakdown, the company sends one of the technicians after you make an appointment with them. Within the time frame, a technician will show up and take a look at the faulting appliance.

Now, the visit of the technician may take up to 48 hours, more or less. After they take a look, they make an estimate of the cost of the repair or replacement.

Cost of the warranty plan

There is no literal cost for everyone. This depends on what you plan to cover and your budget too. Moreover, there are types of plans and major things that determine your policy.

Desired level of protection

Choice gives you the liberty to make a decision that will be favorable to you. So, you decide what should go under coverage and what should not.

Type of home

This is another pointer, literally. Your type of home helps your provider to know how you should be protected. For example, a condo has a different type of protection from other types of homes.

Home size

Now, the size of your home indirectly determines the number of your appliances. So your plan takes the size of your home into consideration.

Place of residence

Some reside in places prone to natural disasters. This poses a risk to their belongings and home systems. So, your plan must tailor down to be on guard, in case of emergency.

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Locations where Choice Home Warranty operates

Over its 13 years of operation, Choice has grown its branches to other states in America. Remember, it started in New Jersey, now Choice provides services to more than a million homes in America. They are in all states except in Washington DC.

Benefits of using Choice

for what it’s worth, this company did not become a reputable company for words. First, their good works speak volumes about their services. Secondly, there are things you stand to benefit as a consumer.

Free service for a month 

You see, once you sign up with choice, you immediately become entitled to a free month of their services.


There is 24/7 customer service. Choice is always a phone call away from you. Once you place a call, they send Calvary to your front door. So, you do not need to stress about getting a technician.


Actually, it is more expensive and time-consuming to repair or replace your appliance the regular way. The majority of the time, the appliance you got at a certain price may be currently expensive. But with Choice, you are covered. This means that you save more with your choice home warranty than going the regular way.

Other companies that provide home warranty

  • Liberty home guard
  • Landmark
  • American Home Shield
  • First American Corporation
  • Homeserve
  • Lemonade
  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

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