Employment Insurance

It is often said that bad things can happen to you without your participation. The same goes for work and career. A lack of affordable work, massive layoffs and layoffs, restructuring and mergers, all of this could happen at the current pace. When the time comes, the experience can be devastating for many, compounded by insufficient savings, high levels of debt, and late payments.


Being prepared is always the best way to deal with the consequences of lost income. If you are confident in the job, you will continue to reap the benefits of income. Employment insurance can help you get maternity care, nursing care, support for a sick family member, child care, even fishing subsidies, and more.

To apply for professional liability insurance, all you have to do is apply online. Unemployment insurance is also paid out if the applicant draws money during unemployment.

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When applying for employment insurance, you will be asked to provide a “work record” which you must have from your last employer, or proof of employment such as payslips, payslips and certificates.


Other documents required to apply for insurance benefits include:



TIN. If your SIN starts with 9, it means you are an immigrant and you also need to provide your immigration status and work permit. You must provide proof of employment for the past 52 weeks. A medical certificate must be submitted when applying for sick pay and sick pay. If you are applying in person, have your driver’s license, passport or birth certificate ready. Also provide full bank details.

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Checks or checks canceled from your current personal account are required as payments will be made directly to that account. When applying for parental allowance, you will need the social security number of the other parent.

If you are applying for social assistance benefits, you must provide a medical certificate. You must also give your version of the facts about why you were unemployed. This includes a statement of your total wages before deductions, including fees and other income, the total amount you receive including severance pay, holidays, pension, etc.


Don’t wait too long to apply for employment insurance, as delaying your application after four weeks can result in fines or loss of benefits.

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If you receive financial support from the social welfare office while you are waiting to start work at an insurance company, you must repay your unemployment benefit.


If you are unable to apply for employment insurance, an employee representative can be appointed to apply on your behalf.


After you apply for employment insurance, you will receive a benefits report in the mail with an access code and the date of the first notification. The existence of an access code does not mean that your complaint has been decided. There are instructions for completing the report.

If you have filed a declaration and provided all requested information, you will receive disability benefits 28 days after filing.


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