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Toronto Community Housing Spring Internship


The Toronto Community Housing Spring internship provides a collaborative platform that helps you thrive and develop new skills. Through this program, interns will lay a foundation for career stability and professional growth.

In addition to this, the TCHC internship will link you with experts in your field and other helpful experiences. Most projects available to interns are designed to test their capacity and challenge their growth. If you need a push to improve, then you must apply for this program.


This article will provide a useful application guideline and overview of this role. We’ll also enlighten you on the host company for this internship.

About Toronto community housing


Toronto Community Housing Corporation is the biggest provider of public housing in Toronto, Ontario. They are also the second-largest housing agency in North America.

The agency was established in January 2022 and has since solved the housing needs of over 105,000 residents. It is a non-profit organization thriving on funds from rental payments and community subsidies.

TCHC has a workforce of over 1600 employees and has several recognitions for their employment practices. Some of them include Canada’s Top 100 Employers by MediaCorp Inc. and 2022 Greater Toronto’s Top Employers winner.

Overview of Toronto Community Housing Spring Internship

The Toronto Community Housing Spring internship offers a hybrid work arrangement, which means you can work on a flexible schedule. Interns can choose to work remotely but will report on the location for some days.


All applications must go through the company website. Shortlisted candidates will undergo a reference check and a series of interviews to get to the final stage.

What are the responsibilities of a TCHSI?

  • Cooperate with both internal and external units to ensure data management, outreach, administration, community materials, events, and local initiatives
  • Create and spread promotional materials
  • Contribute to the planning and organization of events, execution, and promotion of programs, trainings, or meetings
  • Carryout administrative functions
  • Conduct campaigns to connect with tenants and stakeholders for future business
  • Finish bi-weekly reports and final reports at the end of the work term.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Toronto community housing spring internship?

  • Diploma from a secondary school in Ontario or equivalent degree from college or university
  • Familiar with program organization, management, evaluation, and implementation
  • Knowledge of local and provincial housing policies is a bonus
  • Excellent research skills
  • Ability to take initiative and responsibility in a progressive workplace
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Previous knowledge or work experience with TCH tenants
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Verifiable interest in social housing or development of TCHC’s communities
  • Excellent presentation, organizational, and problem-solving skills

Benefits of a Toronto community housing spring internship

  • Professional experience
  • Skills development opportunities
  • Collaborative environment

Salary: $37,945

Location: Toronto, Canada.


Duration: Three months.

Application deadline: March 11, 2024.

How to Apply

  • To apply, you must go through the company’s website
  • Attach your resume and a cover letter to your application

Note that only individuals whose skills and experience match the requirements for this position will proceed to the hiring stage.

Frequently Asked Questions on Toronto Community Housing Spring Internship

What is the work period for this program?

The work schedule for this internship is 36.25 hours a week

What type of contract is the Toronto community housing spring internship?

This is a full-time temporary contract scheduled to last for three months

Can I find other internships for students in Canada?

Yes. You will find multiple student internships in Canada here.


In conclusion, all participants will enjoy opportunities for professional growth and development during this program.


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