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Ansys Computational mechanics intern


Ansys is offering any computational mechanics intern an opportunity to solve real-life engineering problems. A mouth-watering position that is favorable to students pursuing a Ph.D. in engineering-related fields.

Moreover, this is a remote position; therefore, combining your research with this training will be very convenient. While working at Ansys, there will be opportunities to link up with global leaders and experts in the field.


Apart from having bragging rights from this program, participants will gain insight and knowledge from company professionals. There will be no shortage of challenging opportunities to help you achieve career growth quickly.


If this program can advance your course, you should go through the proper channels and submit your application.

About Ansys

Founded in 1970, Ansys is a multinational company headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. They use engineering simulation software for product design, operation, and processes.

After going public on NASDAQ in 1996, the company has partnered with other engineering companies to access improved technology. They have a global customer base that finds solutions to their wide range of products.

Ansys hosts several recognized programs for students seeking certifications through their companies. This internship is one such program.


Overview of Ansys computational mechanics intern program

The Ansys computational mechanics intern program prepares students for experiences they may encounter in their field. It is pivotal training for Ph.D. students in engineering who are willing to advance their academics. From test cases to projects, interns must make their presence felt in each team they work in.

Also, this internship program provides points for resume enhancement. Opportunities like this qualify you for future jobs amongst other competitors. Think of it as a platform to achieve both career and academic excellence.

Ansys interns must immerse themselves in their roles to gain an in-depth knowledge of the field. Meanwhile, eligibility depends on your professional skills and ability to handle responsibilities.


What are the responsibilities of Ansys computational mechanics interns?

  • Evaluate, improve, and preconditioners from external libraries into the solver.
  • Check the strength and scalability of the preconditioners
  • Collaborate with Cloud Dev-Ops, solver development, and customer success teams.
  • Develop and record validation trial cases
  •  Create simulation standards and scaling data for big models

What qualifies you for the Ansys computational mechanics internship program?

  • Educational requirement
  • Pursuing a Ph.D. program in Computer Science, Engineering, or Physics
  • Knowledge of C++ programming and computer architecture.
  • Familiarity with numerical libraries such as PETSc., Trilinos.
  • Preferred skills
  • Proficiency in any of the following
  • Cloud computing tools, applications, and processes
  • Data science applications
  • Engineering simulation tools
  • Software performance optimization experience in the HPC context (multithreading, MPI load balancing, GPU acceleration, and vectorization)

What are the benefits of the Ansys computational mechanics internship program?

  • Health insurance
  • Professional connections
  • Mental health care
  • Career growth
  • Flexible spending account

Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada.

Duration: Three months.

Application status: Ongoing.

How to Apply

  • Click on this link to apply
  • Attach your resume, including your academic and professional certifications.
  • Apply and wait for the interview.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Ansys computational mechanics internship program?

What are the stages of an interview involved in Ansys’s hiring process?

First, the interview process at Ansys involves a personal interview, then, a group panel interview, skills evaluation, background check, IQ intelligence test, and finally, a drug test.

Can a foreigner apply for the Ansys computational mechanics intern program?

Yes, the company will consider all qualified candidates regardless of their national origin.

Are there other internships in Canada?

Yes, you can discover other internship positions across different fields here.


Summarily, this internship allows you to gain mastery in your field while furthering your education.


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