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Social media student ambassador relations internship


EDUopinions is inviting students for their social media and student ambassador relations internship. This promises to be a crucial training opportunity for students to pick career-specific skills.

More so, interns will engage in meaningful work to assist other students all over the world. Through this program, you will gain experience that will increase the value of your resume.


From your daily tasks, there are several challenges designed to refine your professional abilities and also impact you with knowledge. Above all, participants should be aware that it is a paid internship.


So, you will receive a salary for your contributions. If you wish to join this program, you can read on for useful application tips.

About EDUopinions

EDUopinions is an online platform created to help students choose a university to attend. This is also available in all European countries and provides information on the ranking of institutions in the world.

On this platform, students and alumni of institutions drop reviews according to their experiences. These reviews are thoroughly checked by team members to ensure they are valid.

Team members consist of students from 13 European countries, professors, and lovers of education. This internship is also an opportunity to help with valuable research that will affect the future of young people.


Overview of the Social media and student ambassador relations internship

It is important to note that the social media and student ambassador relations internship is a remote program. What this means is that you don’t need to be physically present to carry out your duties.

Also, this is a conducive arrangement that doesn’t limit you to any location. Candidates for this program must be university students in Canada.

For this job, they are expected to put their experience as students to good use. More so, they will create awareness programs to enlighten more students on the benefits of Eduopinion.


Participants will enjoy performance-based benefits aside from their regular stipends. To qualify for these perks, there’s a need to understand your job description before this internship begins. Rest assured, there are no tasks you can’t handle on the list.

Responsibilities of a Social media and student ambassador relations intern

  • Develop a content strategy and editorial calendar for social media channels
  • Relay your findings and observations with a cross-functional team
  • Organize campaigns and outreach to increase student ambassador signups

Who is the ideal candidate for a Social media and student ambassador relations internship?

  • Has extensive experience with social media marketing or social networking
  • Practical executor
  • Excellent communicator
  • Can deal with ambiguity and remote work conditions

Benefits for EDUopinion social media and student ambassador relations interns

  • Work experience
  • Social media skills
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work opportunity
  • Research and digital skills
  • Professional development

Salary: $35.28 per hour

Location: Anywhere in Canada

Duration: 10 weeks

Application status: Ongoing

How to Apply

  • Write a review about your studies on EDUopinions website.
  • Submit your review under the university you are enrolled in
  • Send an email containing the screenshot of the thank you page and a letter of motivation to
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive an interview invitation from EDUopinions.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Social media and student ambassador relations internship

What is the nature of this internship?

The social media and student ambassador relations internship is a remote program. Meanwhile, it is restricted to only Canadian participants.

How long does the hiring process take?

It takes a total of 14 days to complete.

Are there other internship opportunities in Canada?

Yes. You can find a ton of internship opportunities on this page.


Summarily, this internship is a part-time program for only university students. Participation opens the doors to relevant career skills that can increase your worth as a future social media professional.


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