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Thiel College Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships


Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, The Top Thiel College Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.

Thiel College Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships




The Top Thiel College Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Applications for Top Thiel College Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for Top Thiel College Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships

Here are some brief descriptions of the top Top Thiel College Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships.

Why Thiel College?

Thiel College is a small private liberal arts college in Greenville, Pennsylvania. The school was established in 1866 as a coeducational institution. Then in 1870, it began its corporate existence as a college.

Its campus is a rural setting with a total university enrollment of about 894.


Thiel College offers a multidisciplinary grounding in liberal arts with a comprehensive, integrated knowledge base for your chosen profession on its 2000-acre campus in the small western Pennsylvania town of Greenville.

Additionally, it offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities, and honors program that will push you to grow in knowledge.

The school empowers you to reach your full potential by creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment that ensures educational excellence, stimulates global awareness, and promotes ethical leadership.

Thiel College offers three popular majors that include: Business, Accounting, and Psychology, and utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.

It is deeply rooted in Lutheran tradition and offers distinctive programs in the arts and humanities, social and natural sciences, and professional studies.

Thiel College Ranking

According to the US News & World Report 2024 rankings, Thiel College ranks at;

  • #30 in Regional Colleges North
  • #26 in Top Performers on Social Mobility

According to Niche 2024 rankings,

Rankings In America In Pennsylvania
Colleges with the Best Professors #814 #58
Most Conservative Colleges #579 #44
Most Diverse Colleges #77
Top Party Schools #709 #43

Thiel College Accreditation and Affiliations

Thiel College is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education. And it maintains affiliations with;

Thiel College Student Life

As a Thiel College student, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, clubs, athletics, professional organizations, and leadership opportunities.

Some of these activities are organized by the student government or activity organization team at each campus.

More so, the university provides 28 honorary societies and academic clubs, Greek life, leadership and service organizations, student government, a theatre troupe, multicultural and religious groups, marching and concert bands, and several choirs.

The Thiel Activities Board provides a range of recreational activities. Greek life at Thiel College include fraternities Kappa Sigma, Phi Theta Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon; and sororities Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega, Sigma Kappa, and Zeta Tau Alpha.

Thiel College Address

Thiel College is located at 75 College Ave. Greenville, PA 16125.
Contact details: 1 (800) 24-THIEL

Thiel College Acceptance Rate

Admissions into Thiel College is high and less selective. The school has an acceptance rate of 79%.

Most of the applicants to Thiel College have an SAT score between 890 and 1150 or an ACT score of 15 and 23.

This means that Admissions officials at Thiel College consider a student’s GPA a very important academic factor in determining their admission.

Hence, students are advised to study hard and have good grades.

What is the Cost of Tuition at Thiel College?

The tuition at Thiel College is quite affordable for citizens and permanent residents, However, it may be fairly high for international students.

The cost of tuition at Thiel College is $31,690. This includes auto permit fee, Board charge, Full-time tuition for students taking 12-18 credits, Dorm deposits and few personal expenses.

However, it varies from semester to semester, as some fees that add up to tuition are a one-time fee.

Click the button below to see a breakdown of the tuition fee at Thiel College.

Thiel College Programs and Courses

Thiel College offers a wide range of programs, minors ad majors wherein you can select which one best fits you. These program include;

  • Associate Degree Programs
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs
  • Minors Program
  • Cooperative Programs
  • Pre-professional programs
  • Thiel College in High School

#1. Associate Degree

You can get an Associate degree in either Arts, Accounting, Business, Psychology, amongst others.

Below are the courses you can get an Associate degree in.

#2. Bachelor’s Degree Programs

You can get an undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree in any major course you choose to study at the college, whether it’s Business, Psychology, or Liberal Arts.

Below are the courses you can get a bachelor’s degree in.

Business & Accounting



Health Sciences


Social Sciences


Mathematics & Computer Science


#3. Minors Program

If you are unable to pick a major, it’s not a problem, as there’s an option to follow an exploratory track through sophomore year. But, by the end of sophomore year, you must pick a major.

Below are the courses you can take as minors

Business & Accounting

Fine & Performing Arts


Mathematics & Sciences

Social Sciences


#4. Cooperative Programs

Thiel College provides programs designed to afford students unique opportunities for off-campus study and learning experiences.

Cooperative programs are scheduled in conjunction with other institutions of higher learning.

Click the button below to find out more about cooperative programs at Thiel College.

#5. Pre-Professional programs

Pre-professional programs are designed for students who wish to attend professional schools. This is because professional schools seek out students who have a broad understanding of their specific field with a variety of courses outside of that field.

Hence, these programs are designed to provide the background that professional schools expect.

Selection into professional programs is highly competitive, so successful applicants maintain a high level of academic performance in all their work and score well on the appropriate aptitude tests (MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, etc.)

Click the button below to see more information about the Pre-Professional Program.

#6. Thiel College in High School

Thiel College also offers some high school courses. They include;

  • Pre Calculus – Commodore Perry Junior-Senior High School
  • Environmental Science – Greenville Senior High School
  • Accounting I – West Middlesex Junior-Senior High School
  • Accounting II – West Middlesex Junior-Senior High School

Thiel College – Study Abroad

Amongst the many opportunities Thiel College offers its students is the opportunity to study abroad.

The school provides opportunities to its students through their study abroad programs.

Germany, South Africa, Peru, Switzerland, Costa Rica, South Korea, India, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Nicaragua, and New Zealand are just some of the destinations where Thiel students have studied recently.

Schedule an appointment with the study abroad coordinator to learn more about how your dream of global travel can become a reality.

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Thiel College Admissions

Thiel College offers admission on a rolling basis and will review a completed application once official transcripts and official SAT/ACT test scores are received. Decisions are typically made within two weeks.

#1. First Year Student

Below are the general procedures to apply to Thiel College as a First-Year student.

Step 1: Submit your application to Thiel College. You can do so by;
Applying online using the Thiel College Application
Downloading a print application
Applying using the common application.

Step 2: Deposit Now
Once you’ve been accepted, you can go ahead and make your tuition deposit to Thiel College.

Click the button below to make your tuition deposit online.

Supporting documents

Thiel College requires that you submit the following documents to your application. Kindly note that ACT/SAT scores are waived for the 2024 application cycle but may still be submitted if available.

  • Transcripts from any high school that you have attended

Once all of these are ready, click the button below to begin your application to Thiel College.

#2. Transfer Students

To apply to Thiel College as a transfer student, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Submit courses and credits you’ve taken.
The school will evaluate the courses and credits you’ve taken and let you know how much will transfer over to Thiel College credits.

Here’s the Transfer Credit Evaluation Form

Step 2: Attend an individual campus visit day
Attend an individual campus visit day to learn more about the transfer student process. Choose from convenient morning or afternoon sessions.

In addition, you can contact the Assistant Director of Admission, Justin Gregorich, at 724-456-3482 via call or text message to schedule a visit.

Supporting Documents

Thiel College requires that you submit the following documents to your application.

  • Transcripts from previous/current colleges or universities (unofficial copies are acceptable if currently taking classes during your visit)
  • Copy of your high school transcript with SAT or ACT scores or GED required if fewer than 30 college credits earned (we will need your high school transcripts if over 30 college credits earned too for record and auditing purposes, but not for an official acceptance decision)

Once all of these are ready, click the button below to begin your application to Thiel College.

#3. Homeschool Students

Before applying to Thiel College as a home student, it is important that you have a conversation with a Thiel Admissions Counselor.

Nonetheless, Thiel’s admissions requirements for homeschoolers are the same as for students who have a traditional background.

What differs for homeschooled college students is how your records are obtained.

Application Requirements

  • $50 application fee
  • SAT, ACT, and/or CLT scores (SAT/ACT scores optional for 2024 due to COVID-19)
  • An official high school transcript and any college transcripts which should include the student’s course of study and grades
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals outside the home
  • One essay (see the application for the topic)
  • Early Decision Academic Data Form or Regular Decision Academic Data Form

For more information, click the button below.

#4. International Students

For International students, Admission is based on the evaluation of the required documents submitted.

The applicant must meet all admission criteria required of Thiel international students. Once all the documentation required has been received, the applicant’s file will be processed and a notice will be sent updating the applicant.

If the applicant has been accepted for admission, it is crucial that the applicant send a registration deposit (150 USD) to reserve a place in the incoming class, and start the registration and enrollment process.

Thiel College is authorized by the United States Government to issue a Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant [F-1] Student Status) to an accepted student.

The Form I-20 will be issued upon receipt of the registration deposit. The Form I-20 must be used to secure an F-1 visa to enable the applicant to legally enter and study in the United States.

All students who obtain the F-1 visa are required to initially attend the educational institution which issued the Form I-20 to them.

Application Steps

Step 1: Apply to Thiel College;

Step 2: Submit the following supporting documents

  • Thiel College International Student Application for Admission
  • Passport copy
  • University/College transcript: Applicable only to international student applicants planning to transfer credits from a college or university within or outside the United States.
  • TOEFL/IELTS/SAT/ACT test scores: It is required that you take one of these standardized exams and have the scores reported directly to us.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation: A minimum of two letters is required. They must be written by people who have known you and experienced your work in a professional setting related to the major of your choice. (e.g.: Professor, Principal, Dean, etc.)
  • Statement of objective (maximum of 500 words): Submit an essay describing your reason for desiring to study at Thiel.
  • Official Bank Statement of Sponsor: The sponsor must document the availability of a minimum of one year’s total costs (tuition, fees, room, and board, etc.).
  • Financial certification form or Sponsor’s Affidavit of Support (notarized): The sponsor must state their willingness and ability to sponsor the applicant’s education and living expenses. Additionally, the sponsor must list the various sources of income that will be used to support the applicant.
  • Senior high school transcript: A complete and official educational record of grades, diplomas, and certificates received. These documents must be sent directly from the institution attended to Thiel College.

Step 3: English Language Proficiency requirements

Applicants who are not native speakers of English must demonstrate their proficiency in the English language.

The following may be submitted as proof of proficiency:


  • Unconditional Academic Admissions Requirements: 503 (PBT), 177 (CBT), 62 (IBT)
  • Conditional (minimum) Academic Admissions Requirements: Fall Semester – 450 (PBT), 133 (CBT), 45 (IBT); Spring Semester – 477 (PBT), 153 (CBT), 53 (IBT)


  • Unconditional Academic Admissions Requirements: 6.0 band
  • Conditional (minimum) Academic Admissions Requirements: Fall Semester – 5.0 band, Spring Semester – 5.5 band


  • Unconditional Academic Admissions Requirements: 2A
  • Conditional (minimum) Academic Admissions Requirements: 2


  • Unconditional Academic Admissions Requirements: 900/1600 scale

Any questions may be directed to the Thiel Office of Admission by calling 724-589-2345 or emailing

Thiel College Scholarships

Scholarships give students the opportunity to fund their education without worrying about having to pay the money back.

There are several different types of scholarships available to students based on their individual strengths.

For example, merit-based scholarships are given to those who have achieved academic success. There are also scholarships that are awarded to students who have devoted their time to community service and involvement.

Scholarships are also available for students that are active leaders in various clubs and organizations.

Below are some of the scholarships offered by Thiel College

#1. Thiel College Scholarship

Scholarships are available from Thiel College, based on high school GPA. Transfer student scholarships are based on their previous college GPA.

#2. David E. Baughman Scholarship | Freshmen | Renewable

The David E. Baughman Scholarship supports students who have graduated from Jamestown, Greenville, Commodore Perry or Reynolds high schools and who have been accepted into a four-year program at Thiel College.

#3. Haller Enterprise Institute Scholarships | Freshmen | Upperclassmen

This scholarship is awarded annually by the Thiel College Haller Enterprise Institute advisory board.

Up to 10 scholarships are provided to students who are currently involved in entrepreneurial activity and are committed to future involvement.

#4. Ella Busch H’87 Scholarship | Freshmen | Renewable

The Ella Busch H’87 Scholarship supports students who are residents of Mercer County, Pa., have at least a 3.0 GPA and have graduated from Farrell, Grove City, Hickory, Kennedy Catholic, Lakeview, Mercer, Sharon, Sharpsville or West Middlesex high schools.

#5. Dietrich Honors Scholarship | Freshmen | Renewable

This scholarship is awarded to all students accepting the invitation to enter the Dietrich Honors Institute.

Find out the worth of these scholarships and how to apply for them by clicking the button below.

Thiel College Notable Alumni

  • Mark Funkhouser ′71 (2007–2011), Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Shirley M. Frye, mathematics educator, president of the NCTM, and Thiel distinguished alumnus for 1976
  • Lynn Jones (1979–1986), former Major League Baseball (MLB) player (Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals)
  • Mark Nordenberg (1995-2014), Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh
  • Tom Regan, professor, and writer, animal rights movement

For further enquiries about Thiel College visit the school’s official website by clicking the button below.

FAQs on Thiel College

What division is Thiel College?

The Thiel College athletes known as The Thiel Tomcats compete in NCAA Division-III athletics, in the Presidents’ Athletic Conference.

Is Thiel College a party school?

No, it’s not a party school. Thiel College is a tiny school and its fit for people who learn better in small environments. In fact, Thiel College ranks at #709 of top party schools in America.



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