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University Of Pittsburgh Online Degree Scholarships

The University of Pittsburgh is a public, state-related research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is composed of 17 colleges, graduate schools, and undergraduate schools. The main campus houses central administration and 28,391 undergraduate and graduate students. The school’s mission is to advance knowledge and develop the next generation of leaders. Its mission is exemplified by its reputation for excellence in research and teaching. Its renowned faculty and research facilities also encourage an environment that fosters innovation and creativity.

The ACT or SAT, as well as SAT subject tests, are required for admission to University of Pittsburgh. The University of Pittsburgh also requires an impressive application. It will consider the highest sections of the ACT or SAT and the best Composite scores on all test dates. This will result in a “Superscore” that can increase your composite score to over 32 points. Applicants with lower scores will need to increase their SAT or ACT scores to compete against other applicants.

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To qualify for the Full Tuition Scholarship, students must have a 3.6 GPA or higher. ACT or SAT scores of 1520 or higher are also required. The Full Tuition Scholarship program targets academically talented students. There are three levels of award: Distinction, Prominence, and Excellence. The Distinction award covers full tuition, room and board, and four summer experiences. To apply for the Excellence Award, you must submit a separate application and SAT/ACT score.


High SAT/ACT scores are almost necessary for admission to University of Pittsburgh. Having these scores will boost your chance of admission to almost 100%. Although the school admits 56.7% of applicants, high scores in math and critical reading will raise your chance to almost 100%. The rest of your application is important as well, but you should not forget to include a GPA higher than the school’s average of 4.07.

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Founded in 1787, the University of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest public research institutions in the United States. Founded in a log cabin near Pittsburgh’s three rivers, it has evolved into an internationally-recognized center of learning and research. Today, the University of Pittsburgh boasts a 132-acre campus and eight distinct colleges. The central campus is home to the Cathedral of Learning. You will also find a variety of research centers, including the Carnegie Institute of Technology.

There are numerous ways to stay connected with University of Pittsburgh alumni. The University of Pittsburgh is home to many prestigious institutions including the Nobel Prize winner Paul Lauterbur. Its faculty includes three Pulitzer Prize winners, one Pulitzer prize winner, and many members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Alums of the University of Pittsburgh include Nobel laureates, Pulitzer prize-winners, and Rhodes Scholars. In addition, five Olympic medals have been won by Pitt athletes. Another famous alumni is Jonas Salk, who developed the first polio vaccine.

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Scholarships offered by the University of Pittsburgh are based on academic achievement and holistic factors contained in the student’s personal statement or Common Application essay. All incoming first-year students must submit their application materials by December 1 to be considered for these scholarships. Most of these scholarships require a personal statement or a Common Application essay, and some may require an interview. Additionally, academic scholarships are not available to students who are admitted to the spring semester.


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