Who Are the People that Make up Your Circle?


There is a common saying that the circle 

you keep today is what your children will 

call connection tomorrow.

If you keep foolish people as circle then I 

don’t know how valuable that connection 

will be for your children in the future.

Let your circle be made up of people that 

inspire you daily to keep pushing.

Not those that tell you to forget that goal 

you are trying to achieve saying it means 


Let your circle be people that stand by you 

even if It seems like you are going down 

the ladder,

but they keep pushing you, saying you can 

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make it.

Not those that run away when things seem 

to be going bad and run back when it 

becomes stable.

Your circle matters in how far you can go.

Make your relationships highly profitable 

and you will be glad you did in 20 and 

more years to come.

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