Nigeria! My Father’s Land

Nigeria, my father’s land.

Nigeria, my dear country.


Rich in crude oil.


Rich in Natural resources.


Blessed with lots of goodies.


But all lying dormant without being put to use.


Financial fluctuation is rising day by day.


Graduates are roaming the streets for jobs day by day.


Families, having complications in affording just a square of meals.

Citizens with no refuge sleeping in uncompleted buildings and by the roadside.


Beggers are all over.


What has gone wrong?


What’s happening?


Who owns the fault?

What can we do?


What are our leaders doing about it?



But, Nigeria we pray for thee.

We pray for a better tomorrow.


Though you have failed us.


We still have faith in you.

We pray that your breakthrough won’t take long.


Pray for Nigeria, my country, our country.

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