When love becomes a problem: 5 signs to watch out for

No relationship is without its own problems. Every relationship will face differences and misconceptions at a point in time. Some of the events lead to sadness, bad moods and low self-esteem. Here are five signs to watch out for in an unhealthy relationship.


Controlling your actions 

Controlling behaviour such as demanding where you go and your style choices is toxic to a relationship. The behaviour might lead to abuse in some situations. A controlling partner will try to convince you that the laws that are put In place are for their own benefit which results in humiliation and dependency.



You see yourself fabricating stories to your partner about where you are going to or who you want to see on a daily basis. 

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Your partner should not worsen your insecurities. Relationships should be physically pleasing. People in an unhealthy relationship can take away each other’s self-esteem. In most relationships,  it is discovered that the most common predictor of divorce is continuous judgment.


This includes more than desire for more attention. Your partner solely depends on you and you are the provider in the relationship. You undermine your needs for that of the relationship. This mostly leads to low self-esteem and imbalance in the relationship.

Lack of assistance and avoidance

The period of time you spend with your partner isn’t supporting your motives or goals. You do not feel like your partner has your back. When your partner avoids you, he gives excuses such as “I don’t feel like discussing it” and discussing it may be the way to resolve the issue. 


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