Why do you keep dating the wrong people?

You might think that you are broken and there is something wrong with you because you date the wrong people. The following are the reasons why you keep dating the wrong people.

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You believe you can influence him. 

You’re putting yourself in a situation where you will receive disappointment if you treat them like projects that can be fixed. You might be able to adjust some little anomalies, but you won’t be able to change their personality.

Without realizing it, you fear commitment. 


It is likely that you are drawn to people who have commitment issues because you also have similar feelings about being in a relationship. Sometimes you are not even aware that you are afraid. Giving nicer, more accessible people a chance is something you can practice. You can discover new relationship tactics.

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Unfinished business

Unsettled problems from your past impact how your thoughts, how you feel, and act. These problems propel you into relationships with the wrong people.

You haven’t found out what you want in life outside the relationship. 

Maybe you tolerate their emotional baggage because you’re aware that you have a lot of your own to bear with. Instead of focusing on them, focus on yourself and your problems. Contemplate what you want to achieve in life outside your relationship, and strive towards it. Deal with your own problems, and you will fascinate the right people.

You are afraid of being all by yourself. 

You may see being single as an unfavorable experience and be scared of being alone without your special one. This would cause you to stay in relationships out of desperation in order to escape being alone, which is not a good thing. You should create a strong sense if you are scared of being alone.


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