Best Time To Plant Flowers in Spring

When is The Best Time To Plant Flower In Spring?

Starting flower seeds indoors early gives you a headstart on the growing season. Your environment and the hardiness of the flowers you choose to plant will determine the optimal time to start flower seeds. 

Best Time To Plant Flowers in Spring

Flowers that bloom in the chilly season are more resistant to the cold temperatures that can occur in early spring. Flowers that are susceptible to frost should not be planted outside until the threat of frost has passed.

Best Time To Plant Flowers in Spring

The following months are the best time to plant flowers in spring.


Calendula (Calendula officinalis), bachelor button (Cenia turbinata), wallflower (Erysimum spp. ), and clarkia (Clarkia spp.) are hardy annuals that can withstand the early spring temperature.

Early February is the best time to start seeds for this and other cool-season plants. Depending on the cultivar, seedlings should be ready to transplant outdoors in March. Starting seeds for cool-season flowers early in the year can result in a vibrant spring garden.


Warm-season flowers like cosmos (Cosmos spp.), dianthus (Dianthus spp.), nicotiana (Nicotiana spp.), and zinnias (Zinnia spp.) can be started indoors in March to bloom later in the spring and summer. Because these plants are not cold tolerant, they should not be moved outside until the threat of frost has gone.


In April, cool-season flower seeds can be put directly into the ground. They thrive in cooler conditions and produce late-spring blooms.

Warm-season flowers can also be seeded outside around the end of April. Keep in mind that direct sowing in the garden might make upkeep more difficult because flower seedlings compete with weed seedlings.

Be able to distinguish the leaves of your plants and indicate the regions where you will plant your seeds. This will guarantee that you are removing weeds rather than seedlings when performing the upkeep.

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