University of Pittsburgh Application Deadline 2024

Applicants should hurry, the University of Pittsburgh application deadline is close. With the various seasons opened for admission, we will highlight all deadlines here, Find out more about Pittsburgh’s deadline for application.

University of Pittsburgh Application



University of Pittsburgh Application

Coming from Pennsylvania, in the US is the University of Pittsburgh which is opening application opportunities for potential admission into their prestigious institution once again.


The school accepts and crawls on applications from United States indigenes and foreigners. However, you must merit an admission to be accepted.

Undergraduate and postgraduate programs are all open for application but you have to consider the application deadline.

Application Deadline

Application Deadline/Closing Dates are approved dates when the school ceases to accept applicants’ requests. Therefore, to avoid late applications, start applying now.

For international students, the application deadlines are April 1 for the Fall term and October 1 for the Spring term though the school has 3 intake periods annually.

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However, you will be required to make a non-refundable payment of $55 to the school either by using the online banking method or by cheque from a bank that has a representative branch in the US.

With an acceptance rate of 67%, foreign applicants stand a chance of gaining admission.

Note: The truth is that the school does accept or review applicant documents immediately after the application window is closed or over.

Application Requirements

The University of Pittsburgh’s requirements for admission depend on the degree program the student is applying for.

For undergraduates, these are the requirements for admission:

1.  Completed Common or Coalition Application (undergraduates) and graduate application form (postgraduates)

2. Application fee

3. Transcript depending on the level of program

4. Letters of recommendation

5. Standardized test scores like SAT/ACT for undergraduate and GRE/GMAT for postgraduate program

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6. Personal statement or essay

7. Additional program-specific requirements for graduates

How to Apply

You can apply for Pitt admission through the Common App or the school’s portal. If you apply using the Common App, you should get an e-mail to confirm your application.

Eventually you don’t get the confirmation mail within 7 days, you can use the Pitt SRAR link to submit your Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR).

How to Create an Account

1. Check your email for an activation link.

2. Click the link at the website for the account, review the details, and then click Begin.

3. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth, then click Next.

4. Follow the instructions to receive a Confirmation Code via text or email, enter the code you received.

5. Set up a Password and confirm your new password.

6. Your account is now activated. Make a note of your username.

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Tuition and Fees

University of Pittsburgh tuition and fees are organized to spell out how much each student is to pay for a full session. The campus you also attend influences your tuition with PA.

Moreover, tuition and fees for residents vary from out-of-state residents which are higher. Just as tuition rates vary according to faculties/ college.

The “Mandatory Fees” section includes a total package for student welfare like transport, security, and all of which cost about $1,370 for a session.

Aside from these fees, any other cost is most likely self-incurred. While estimating your total cost at Pittsburgh, look out for your college’s respective tuition and the mandatory fees.

The general information provided here will help you understand the better way and time to apply for admission at the University of Pittsburgh.


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