University of Alberta Transfer Scholarships 2023

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As always, the University of Alberta has opened its doors widely again for international students that want to transfer over from their former schools. This move was made possible through the University of Alberta Transfer Scholarships. Truly, a lot of factors can contribute to the reason why a student would decide on taking their education to another university. But whatever the reason, a scholarship somewhere in Canada got you covered.

Now, if you decide to take up this offer and apply for the University of Alberta Transfer Scholarships, you made a wise decision there. Also, this scholarship can serve students that are entering into a professional program at the University of Alberta too. So, if you are an international undergraduate student, looking for a quality school to transfer to, or study a professional course in, but low on funds, apply for the University of Alberta Transfer Scholarships in Canada.



Obviously, Canada is in North America. It is the second-largest country in the world. A country with ten provinces and three territories. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, the other three largest cities are Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. Also, the official languages in Canada are English Language and French Language.

Furthermore, Canada is a highly developed country and its Universities are among the best in the world. The country’s education system is so organized and advanced, more than most countries in the world. As a matter of fact, the country has the ninth-largest economy in the world as of just 2023. Just to prove a point, in 2015 Canada ranked fourth for scientific research quality in a survey of international scientists in the whole world. Imagine, with all these qualities, Canadian schools still opened their doors to immigrants and international students to come in and live and study.


The University of Alberta

Firstly, the University of Alberta is a comprehensive academic and research public University. It offers a variety of courses for different academic levels. Clearly, this school has done a lot for both its students and the province. It has been a major economic source with an estimated economic value of about $12.3 billion annually. The University of Alberta has 4 campuses in Edmonton and another in Camrose.

More so, the university has about 39,000 students of which 7,800 of them are international students from countries around the world. In 2023 , this university ranked 5-6 best in the whole of Canada and 101-150 in the world. Basically, the school has been receiving funding to help expand its research projects.

Some of these projects include:

  • Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
  • Health Research Innovation Facilities
  • Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research
  • Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation

University of Alberta Transfer Scholarship

This is for international students seeking to transfer from their post-secondary academy to the university of Alberta. It is also, for students that want to study a professional course like, Medicine, Law, Dentistry, or Pharmacy. So, when the funds to make this switch or pay for your education, the University of Alberta Transfer Scholarships becomes your fallback. However, these scholarships are application-based.


Again, you must apply to an undergraduate degree program before you can apply for any transfer scholarships. But you do not need to receive an offer of admission before applying. Funding levels vary annually, also, this scholarship selection is very competitive.

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Candidates are selected based on academic standards and performance. You must also demonstrate leadership. Other secondary criteria are but are not limited to; financial need, residency, extracurricular activities, and/or previous award funding.

To qualify for the University of Alberta Transfer Scholarships, you must:

  • Present an admission average that meets or exceeds those required for the specific scholarship
  • You must be transferring from another post-secondary institution into a full-time undergraduate program OR be entering full-time studies in the first year of a professional degree (Law, Dentistry, Medicine, or Pharmacy) OR after degree programs like Nursing or Education.
  • Scholarship offers are conditional on the accuracy of your self-recorded grades. If there is a discrepancy between your self-recorded grades and your final official transcript, your scholarship offer could be revoked.

Scholarship value

Top students could receive up to $5,000 CAD, depending on the admission average.

Closing date: June 1, 2023

Apply: here

Other scholarships from the University of Alberta, Canada and their values

  •  President’s International Distinction Scholarship

           Value: $120,000 CAD 

  •  International Leader Scholarship

          Value: $10,000 CAD

  •  May Quon Undergraduate Scholarship

           Value: $100,000

  •  University of Alberta Global Citizen Scholarship for IB Diploma International Students

Value: $53,000 CAD

  • Regional Excellence Scholarship

           Value: $5,000 CAD

  •  Gold Standard Scholarship

           Value: $6,000 CAD

Finally, this is a chance to study at one of the best universities in Canada. The university has a whole lot of scholarship varieties for all international students to choose from. So, decide on which suits your need and apply. Remember, the University of Alberta Transfer Scholarships is for any undergraduate student that wants to change schools and also for those that want to study that professional course.

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