Research College Of Nursing Application 2023/2024

Nursing is one of the most loved courses in the world and Nurses are the most caring of health care professionals.



Therefore, getting a Job as a nurse is no small feat as you would have already go through a lot of Exams and evidently performed well to be entertained or afforded the chance.

Nonetheless, going to a reputable institution of learning will relieve you of so many stress and that’s why we are talking about this institution today.



Research College of Nursing was established in 1979 and the first cohort of students was accepted in 1980. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is offered by the Research College of Nursing in collaboration with Rockhurst University. The two universities collaborate to award the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Research Medical Center sponsors Research College of Nursing, a private non-sectarian school of higher learning.

Programs of Research College of Nursing


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) is offered in two undergraduate forms to qualified students: regular B.S.N. and accelerated B.S.N.

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For first-year college students, transfer students, and adult students, the standard B.S.N. is the best option. It is intended to be finished in four years if studied full-time.

Students who have completed a baccalaureate degree in an area other than nursing at a regionally approved college are eligible for the accelerated B.S.N. The nursing portion is intended to be finished within a year (twelve months).

Both colleges have nursing students enrolled in their programs. A minimum of 128 credit hours in nursing, liberal arts, and science courses are required for the B.S.N. degree. The majority of liberal arts and science courses are completed before beginning nursing school.


Admission Requirements

Rockhurst freshmen admissions, internal Rockhurst transfers, and students transferring credits from other colleges are all encouraged to apply to the Research College of Nursing Program. Both the standard and accelerated programs have a limited number of students.

Internal and external transfer students must apply to Research College of Nursing, confer with the Director of Transfer and Graduate Recruitment, and be admitted to the nursing program before beginning nursing classes. In the spring, transfer student applications are assessed, and acceptance is competitive.

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Prior to enrolling in nursing education, students must complete all required courses.

Students must achieve the Science/Math grade standards below in order to enroll in Research/Rockhurst joint program 2000 level nursing courses.


Traditional B.S.N. program: All Science and Math courses must be completed with a grade of C or above.

Students in the accelerated B.S.N. program must earn a minimum of a C in all science courses. Anatomy and Physiology courses must be completed within five years of the application deadline.

Students must fulfill the GPA standards below in order to enroll in 2000 level nursing courses in the Research/Rockhurst joint program.

Traditional B.S.N. program

At the end of their freshman year, students must have a minimum cumulative Rockhurst GPA of 2.8 or above. Students who do not meet this GPA will be placed on a waiting list to be considered for admission in the following cohort group in January.

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Students who completed their autumn sophomore curriculum with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (or a 2.8 with at least a B- in A & P II) are eligible to join the January nursing cohort. Students who do not meet these requirements will be placed on a waiting list and will be considered for admission with the following cohort in January.

On a competitive basis, all students on the waiting list will be evaluated.


How To Apply 

The applicant’s academic record, proof of scholastic aptitude, and interest in the schools’ aims determine admission to the Research/Rockhurst Joint Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Students apply for one of the two programs available.

The information in the “Undergraduate Studies” section on admission applies to the traditional B.S.N. curriculum.

The current Research College of Nursing Catalog and the college website have information on admission to the accelerated B.S.N. program:


Contact details

1100 Rockhurst Road | Kansas City, MO 64110

816-501-4000 |


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