The University of Dundee Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships in 2024

The University of Dundee Global Excellence Undergraduate scholarship has reviewed its conditions. They warn that all applicants must stick to the new guidelines to remain or become beneficiaries. Find out these new requirements.

The University of Dundee Global Excellence Undergraduate


The University of Dundee Global Excellence Undergraduate

The Global Excellence Scholarship from the University of Dundee offers outstanding international students an opportunity to pursue their academic dreams.

Beneficiaries gain access to top-notch education, research opportunities, and a vibrant cultural environment through this aid system for personal development.


This scholarship helps to nurture global leaders and innovators, encouraging them to excel and positively influence the world.

Beneficiaries will be eligible for scholarships worth £2,000 per year of study, with a maximum value of £10,000. Although you can find some up to £25,000.

How to Apply

Most scholarships under this university have no specific mode of application.

The institution’s admissions team reviews the applicant’s programs to determine if you’re eligible for the award.


Applicants get notifications on further information through their student portal. You’ll be notified if you’re selected to receive the scholarship.

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The goal is to ensure a straightforward process for all applicants and make it easier for you to focus on your academic aspirations.

Application Requirements

There isn’t a unified requirement for all scholarship programs under the University of Dundee. The most we can recommend is for applicants to have a good result.

However, all available scholarships have distinct requirements, so visit the program you wish to apply for and check out their requirements.

UoD will choose the successful applicant or applicants from the pool of applicants who meet the eligibility requirements.

When the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of available awards, they will award the best among the successful applicants.

However, these are some eligibility tips for you to consider.

1. Applicant must have secured admission to a tertiary institution or a returning student.

Undergraduate students with admission offers in Medical or Dental programs should review the Key Fact page.

2. Applicants must also have the status of Overseas Fee Status, as decided by the University

3. Have excellent records in extracurricular, volunteer, and academic activities. Your application will be reviewed based on this information by the university.

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How to Create an Account/ Login

Creating a new account helps you get all the necessary information about scholarships and grants. Through the notification buttons, you will know what’s latest.

Follow these steps to create an account as a first-time user while login steps are just a couple of steps.

1. Access the homepage of the university, and click on “Create Account” to register as a new user or just follow the link to get there.

2. Returning users will “Sign In” to log in to their student portal or dashboard.

If you dont know how to get there just click on this link and input your username and password or log in via your student details.

3. For new users, follow the guidelines for registration and submit your online document once you are done.

4. A mail will be sent to verify and activate your account so you can log into your account with your username and password or your credentials.

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Award and Scholarship Deadline

Talking about award prices and application deadlines, there isn’t also a particular or universal price tag or deadline date for all scholarship programs.

Just like the requirements, to find application deadlines or awarded amounts, you will have to open the particular scholarship program to find out.

The clauses for getting these awards could also be different so we recommend in-depth reading and understanding.

Benefits of Scholarships

Would anyone be asking about the benefits of applying or being a beneficiary of a scholarship program? Well, let’s just say Yes.

To answer that question, these are some of the benefits of applying and being a beneficiary of any scholarship fund & aid program.

1. Beneficiaries enjoy financial support.

2. Beneficiaries get appreciated and supported for their academic excellence.

3. Beneficiaries enjoy more access to educational materials to enhance their human and intellectual abilities.

Finally, there are a lot more gains in applying for scholarship programs. If you choose any of the University of Dundee Global Excellence Undergraduate, Congratulations!


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