Scarlett Family Foundation Scholarship in 2024

Have you heard about the Scarlett Family Foundation Scholarship that’s available for undergraduates? Don’t pursue your academic pursuit, take advantage of this scholarship and continue your education.

Scarlett Family Foundation Scholarship


Scarlett Family Foundation Scholarship

The scholarships from the Scarlett Family Foundation Scholarship are available to Middle Tennessee students pursuing a business degree at various colleges and universities across the United States.

Additionally, the STEM scholarship focuses on students within the disciplines of Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Math and was introduced in the fall decades ago.


The fund and aid scheme are available to seniors in high school as well as freshmen, and juniors in college worth up to $2,500 at least and $15,000 max per academic year.

They must have attended or graduated from various high schools located in one of the forty counties in Middle Tennessee, they must have earned a GED and are also qualified.

How to Apply

1. Search for the scholarship’s official website on Google and click on it to access their homepage.

2. Click on “Apply now” and review the eligibility criteria and application requirements.


3. Complete the online application form by submitting documents, such as transcripts and letters of recommendation.

4. You don’t have to wait till the deadline to submit your application. You can submit it once you’re done.

5. Expect an email notification from the school showing the success of your application.

6.  You can always log in to track application progress through your account.

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How to Create an Account/Login

1. Following the accessing of the homepage from the application process, click on “Create Account” to register as a new user or “Sign In” to log in as a returning user.

2. If you are registering as a new user, you will have to fill in the basic information they will require to set up your account while a returning user will log in using his username and password.

3. For new users, follow the guidelines for registration and submit your online document once you are done.

4. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email address to verify and activate your account so that logging into your account will only require your username and password.

Criteria for Eligibility 

To be eligible for the scholarship program, students are expected to meet the following requirements.

1. Be a graduating high school senior, an individual who obtained a GED by June 1st, or a college freshman, sophomore, or junior.

2. Demonstrate financial need via a 1040 tax return.

3. Graduate from any high school in Middle Tennessee’s 40 counties.

4. Pursue a Business or STEM degree at a 4-year, non-profit college or university. Check STEM degrees here.

5. Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and enroll full-time next fall.

How to Renewal Your Scholarship

You can renew their awards for up to four years or until the recipient completes an undergraduate degree, whichever comes first.

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Students do not need to reapply every year as those eligible to renew their scholarship will be notified by email from ISTS on March 1.

Students will have until April 30 to complete the renewal application. The renewal of the scholarship will depend on the committee’s annual review of the following:

1. Positive academic performance as evidenced by the student’s transcript.

2. Recipient’s full-time status.

3. Continued demonstration of financial need.

4. Cost of the college or university where the student is enrolled.

The Scholarship Foundation will consider granting an additional semester on a situation basis in extreme circumstances.

Students should email Tom Parrish of the the foundation with a letter as to why they need more time, and provide a copy of their most recent transcript at least 90 days before the start of the semester.

A student may transfer from one institution to another and retain the award; however, the amount awarded is subject to change based on the tuition cost of the new university.

Note: The scholarship foundation is not taxable.

Why Was I Removed from the Scholarship Beneficiaries

A scholar could forfeit his/her awarded scholarship under certain conditions. However, beneficiaries should remain aware of these reasons.

1. Changes to a non-business or non-STEM-approved major.

2. Transfers to a 2-year or a for-profit institution.

3. Is no longer enrolled as a full-time student.

4. Is placed on academic or behavioral probation by the university. The student loses the scholarship for one year, after which it will be reviewed by the committee for reinstatement.

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5. Fails to complete the renewal process by the deadline.

However, the scholarship committee may review exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Scholarship Application Deadline

The application for this Scholarship runs between September 15 and December 15 every year.

However, there is an open scholarship administered by the foundation which is available to current Scarlett Scholars. This is the I-2 Scholarship.

Therefore, applicants are always advised to visit their dashboard often for deadline information whether applying for the first time or renewing their scholarship.

Scholarships Under the STEM Foundation

You can find a couple of scholarship schemes and programs within the foundation that beneficiaries of the STEM foundation will have to qualify or apply for to enjoy multiple financial assistance.

The I-2 Scholarship by the foundation supplements current scholars’ awards by covering costs for internships, coursework, and special programs, up to $5,000.

Eligible students receive an application link via email and must be enrolled in a 4-year bachelor’s degree program with a good academic record.

Recipients must submit a one-page document to within 30 days after program completion.

The deadline varies based on the term. Students create an account with ISTS to manage the application.

Finally, you have an idea about all this scholarship scheme entails and a way to get around it. Therefore, explore all your options and start applying.


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