Teaching with an Appreciation of Culture and Diversity

You and your partner need more than love in order to build a strong relationship. Have frequent conversations about your similarities to make sure you agree on what holds you together. While our institution is set up to be affordable to all because programs are tuition-free, we also extend specific scholarships that help to grow cultural diversity. Teacher behaviorStudent behaviorMisperceptionRealityThe next day, Marcos’ teacher decides to work with him, despite his “refusal” to ask for help. She calls his name, beckoning with one finger for him to come to her desk.Marcos looks ashamed as he approaches her desk. As they work together, he seems to become frustrated and gives only short, curt answers.

In addition, school districts—both through their English as a Second Language departments and their staff development units—have long been teaching about multiculturalism. A call to your local school district headquarters could give you some of the information you are looking for. Finally, community relations groups make it their business to help various segments of society understand one another. Being culturally aware allows us to acknowledge our worldviews and heritage. We get a better understanding of the differences in the customs and beliefs of others. Exploring and educating ourselves with different cultures helps us to strengthen ourselves.

Instructionally, this may look like teaching students about cultures different from their own, but Sandoval said there’s much to be learned from identifying and learning the cultures of student peers as well. Amid therising numbers of young migrants seeking asylum and residence in the United States, violence toward immigrant https://gardeniaweddingcinema.com/arabic-women/ communities has also increased. Students are a great resource for sharing music, and older students especially like to share music, discuss the meaning, and connect it to content. If the song is in a language some students do not understand, ask the student to translate it and discuss the meaning. Songs from other countries often describe political events or re-tell folk stories in poetic form.

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It’s important to note that some responses are based on personality rather than culture. This article will help you get ready for behavioral questions that address your ability to handle situations related to cultural differences. Knowing how to correctly respond to this type of question will help you demonstrate your ability to manage workplace relationships effectively and convince the interviewer you are the right candidate for the job. Learning about one culture is a lot like learning a different language—once you’ve done the work to understand and connect with one, it’s easier to learn about more. Increasing your cultural sensitivity about one culture helps you be more mindful of other cultures too, and may inspire you to learn more about different communities in the future.

This is in the hopes of people being able to learn new things from different cultures. Because the idea of “diversity” is not even that straightforward. Not only must schools recognize diversity evident among broad racial and ethnic groups (e.g., Asian or Hispanic), but the diversity within these groups must be recognized as well. For example Chinese and Japanese students may share common cultural characteristics as a result of being Asian, but will also have distinctly Chinese and Japanese cultural characteristics that differ from each other. The same is true of Caucasian students who come from vastly different family backgrounds, even from the same neighborhoods. In the interest of treating students equally, giving them equal chances for success, and equal access to the curriculum, teachers and administrators must recognize the uniqueness and individuality of their students. When students are given opportunities to build their identities and support for respecting themselves, they become socially and emotionally able to offer that same respect for others.

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Finding options through databases such as IMDB or American Literature isn’t a tough task. Guest speakers can bring context and passion to history, geography and social studies lessons, capturing student interest. Receive information about the benefits of our programs, the courses you’ll take, and what you need to apply.

  • College students depend on their professors, but just as importantly, they depend on other students in many ways.
  • An understanding of cultural influences on child development is important for professionals in a range of roles.
  • Being able to communicate with people from diverse cultures is not just enough.
  • Or you may come from different social classes and have different expectations about where you will live.

In addition, students from different cultural backgrounds can share opinions and perspectives even if their cultures seem to clash. When it comes to diversity, the primary goals of the teacher are to promote both understanding and respect. Society is becoming increasingly globalized, which means that employees often work with people from different countries, religions, cultures and backgrounds. This diversity provides the workplace with unique perspectives and opportunities, as employees can bring new ideas and processes to the table that may not have been thought of before at the company. However, sometimes cultural differences can also pose some teamwork challenges.

Successful empathy is the ability to, as much as possible, understand the other person. And while it can be difficult to understand those with completely different life experiences, this is not a barrier to showing empathy. If we all developed our skills of empathy and used them to increase our interpersonal understanding, the world would likely be a much kinder and more compassionate place. The best way to show your colleagues that you respect and appreciate them is by being open to the traditions and values of all cultures. This means avoiding promoting or embracing only one culture in the workplace.

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Cultural Influences on Child Development

Diversity is the chief informant of the creative life force and the central reality in our understanding and stewardship of it. To create a culturally affirming workplace, learn about others, dispel myths and stereotypes about different cultures, embrace each other’s unique operating system, and celebrate the range of experiences. Culture isn’t just the ethnicity or nationality of a group of people.

A competitive environment doesn’t have to lead to conflict.

Unfortunately prejudice and hate still exist in Canada, even on college campuses. Tell the person to stop the behavior or if you feel at any risk of harm, get out of the situation immediately. Image by John Hain from PixabayActs of harassment may be verbal, physical, psychological, or any other behavior intended to disturb another person. Sometimes the other person may simply be difficult and refuse to even try to work out a solution.

Conflict resolution and help people remain open to understanding each other’s perspectives more readily. Sit down with each employee individually to learn if they are open to sharing their background. Be sensitive to the fact that not everyone feels comfortable opening up to their boss or team. As a leader, you can set the organizational tone by expressing genuine interest in your employee and the cultures they bring to the office, which builds connection and trust within the workplace. Doing this work can minimize harmful or embarrassing situations for your employees and your organization.

Establishing set times to sit down with a student can give them a chance to speak about themselves in a more personal setting. Some students may not feel comfortable talking about their life outside of school with the whole class listening. Increasing your understanding will help you resolve potential cultural differences between students in the classroom.

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