The Contribution Of Photography And Social Media On Ghanaian Tourism

Photography and social media play a significant role in publicizing the tourism industry in Ghana. The relevance of photography and social media platforms can never be underestimated, especially in these modern days. Pictures have no disastrous impact on tourism. The evolving nature of the world is documented through photos and videos. Images are live memories of the past in the existing days.



These days most tourists carry a video or photo camera when travelling to Ghana to create lasting memories by taking pictures. Photography and social media platforms have been trusted sources of evidence and critical tourism segments in Ghana over recent years. A visit to Ghana can be saved for future purposes and from being lost by taking photos or by posting on your favourite social media platforms.



Social media indicates the condition of nature or a particular site during that moment. Photography is not separable from tourism activities and plays a significant role in promoting the entire tourism industry. Taking pictures makes vacations more exciting and improves the visual significance of all tourist attraction sites. Photography is essential to carry around since it documents all the beautiful memories, especially when visiting Ghana for the first time.


Social media is a fantastic way to share all your vacation memories with your internet family. It is a great way to create awareness and market various tourist attraction sites. Most tourists post colourful pictures, which motivates a group of their followers and viewers to visit those sites.



Photography is slowly evolving to employ a large number of people with general skills. A group of professional photographers who make a living by interacting with tourism activities. It is easy to learn how to take professional pictures and earn a living from this skill, especially during the peak seasons. Most photographers usually visit tourist attraction sites that receive massive numbers of tourists to see if they can be hired to take pictures or whether they can lease their cameras to tourists.


Photographic displays at the galleries of art exhibitions of paintings and expertise on things concerning nature generally encourage many to explore nature through photography. Most photographic exhibitions recognize all the photographers interested in using their talent to create lasting memories. Most tourist destinations in Ghana were recognized through photography and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


Some commercial photographic companies in Ghana have sponsored tourism and enhanced their general performance. They sponsor them by creating websites featuring significant tourist attractions in cities across the country. This encourages many tourists to travel to these sites and take pictures of all the places they visit in Ghana. Additionally, the sponsorship resulted in high demand for photography, especially for outdoor activities.

Photography and social media serve as critical tourism facilities during these modern days, with many tourists arriving every day. It is evident that the tourism industry will be one of the excellent employment options available across all the regions in Ghana.

The internet plays a significant role in creating awareness about various tourist sites. It offers diverse options and the best sites for experiencing Ghana, with many people visiting these regions to enjoy themselves during the weekends and summer season. Web portals and advertisements grant unique travel and facilities to specific locations do quickly spread to their colleagues and family.


Photography and social media are popular technology that has promoted Tourism activities to better levels. Most websites are based on ecotourism and biodiversity management. The best experiences are also posted on social media platforms for others to access and visit those places.

Photography, the internet, and social media significantly create awareness of tourist sites and their purpose for human life.


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