Social Media, Funbooo, Releases Its First Amazing Android Mobile App


One of the social media platforms of the moment which originates from Africa soil, having its headquarters in West Africa, Ghana to be precised has made historic move by getting its android mobile application released.


Funbooo since its website was released has gotten lots of people around the globe joining the mimicked, Giant Social media.


Looking at funbooo’s features, it has the potential of given the users what they want and likely to have its brand break through the market.

Our portal has sighted a post on the platform which reads

Hello!, fellow Ghanaians, it is good to announce to you that a Social Media Platform which belongs to Ghana has released its Android Mobile App, now available on Google Playstore….



Join Funbooo Today To Experience the Following:

#. To Promote Your Products/Services To Millions of People For Free


#. To Promote Your Music/Talent To The World


#. To Post Job Opportunities or Get Employment.


#. Raise Fund/Money For A Course…


#. Get many More…..


INSTALL funbooo APP On Google Playstore By Clicking The Link Below”


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