Scholarships for African Students 2023

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Scholarships for African Students

Are you from any African country who would like to study in a foreign country? Moreover, do you aspire to break the limitations of your homeland to explore other places in the world? Interestingly, your goals have never been more achievable with very attractive scholarships for African students.


In this post, I’ll show you the best scholarships for Africans to study in prestigious places worldwide. Furthermore, you’ll get more knowledge on their benefits, requirements, eligibility, and of course, their application process. In fact, it’s a promising post so ensure you stick with it to the end. 

Here are the best scholarships open to Africans in no particular order:

  • University of East Anglia International Development Scholarships
  • University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarships
  • Glasgow International Leadership Scholarships
  • University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships

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University of East Anglia International Development Scholarships

This grant is one of the best open to African nationals. The School of International Development offers the award to international students after they are confirmed eligible. Moreover, the program is highly competitive and opens for only Master’s courses at the University of East Anglia. 


The scholarship is worth over £17,500, covering the entire tuition fees. Also, there are grants for additional expenses. However, only three people will receive this grant. 


Here are some of the criteria the candidate must meet to be eligible:

  • Candidates must graduate from an international institution with a degree of 2:1 or an equivalent.
  • They must have secured their admission to the School of International Development. 
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Application Process 

After securing admission, proceed to apply on the school’s website. The application will demand a comprehensive written essay detailing your career goals. Ensure you submit your application before the deadline. 


University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarships 

Forty awards go out to eligible outstanding students pursuing a one-year Master’s program at the University of Birmingham. The scholarship is open to African students.


The scholarship is worth over 10,000 pounds. It covers schooling expenses. 

To be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a citizen of the eligible countries. A list of eligible countries is available on the school site. The candidate must also be “domiciled” in one of these countries.
  • Must have applied for a Master’s degree taught at the university in the UK Campus. The candidate must have also received an offer of admission and accepted it.
  • Must be academically sound students with evidence to prove this. They should have a first-class overall in the bachelor’s degree or an equivalent.
  • Must be identified as an overseas fee payer by the institution.
  • Be planning to resume schooling in the coming term after application.
  • Have paid the standard Admission deposit as the scholarship demands. This deposit is an amount of 2,000 pounds which can be more or less, depending on the session.

Application Process

After accepting the offer of admission to the university, you may then continue with the application process. Furthermore, keep in mind that the admission process will require you to submit evidence of your academic achievement. It calls for you to defend your educational standard.

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You can undergo the application processes on the school’s site. Lastly, ensure you submit your application before the deadline.

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Glasgow International Leadership Scholarship

The University of Glasgow offers international students and non-UK students their International Leadership awards. However, it honors students beginning a postgraduate Master’s program in any department at the university. For a list of eligible countries, interested persons may visit the school’s website. 


The scholarship is worth about 10,000 euros. The number of scholarship awards is not specified.


To be qualified for this scholarship, students must:

  • Be international students.
  • Receive an offer of admission for a postgraduate program in the coming session. The student should have also accepted the offer.
  • Portray their academic excellence with first-class honors in their previous program or any UK equivalent.

Application Process

Here, applicants don’t need a separate application. Instead, the school will consider them for the scholarship once they apply. Therefore, it is crucial they already hold the offer for the postgraduate program at the university.

The institution will assess those who have applied with their academic merit. After six weeks of the selection process, the successful candidates will receive a notification of the offer. Finally, all candidates should ensure they keep to the deadline for the application for admission. 

University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships

The University of West London honors exceptional scholars with the International Ambassador Scholarships. It is one of the top scholarships that favors Africans. It also recognizes its candidates as acting Ambassadors for the university. 

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The award goes out to over a hundred students for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the institution. It is open to citizens of non-EU countries.


The scholarship has a value of up to 5,000 pounds. This amount subsidies the tuition fee for the first year of study. Therefore, it is a partial fee waiver.


To avoid disappointments, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must have applied to the University of West London. They must have also received an offer of admission for an undergraduate or postgraduate course from an admission officer.
  • Candidates must be ready to commence studies in the coming academic session.
  • They must be foreign students, not sharing EU citizenship.
  • After the grant, all candidates should be self-funded and pay their fees in the coming sessions.
  • They must showcase their zeal to be ambassadors for the school.

Application Process

All candidates must be offer holders. However, they will still need to apply separately for the scholarship. Therefore, all applicants should fill out the offline application the school requires and email it to the institution. 

The application comprises five sections that the applicants must fill for higher chances. These sections are:

  • Personal details
  • Candidate’s academic background
  • Contacts of a literary reference
  • Details on extracurricular activities
  • Other backup statements

Candidates should focus on the areas where they need to show their qualities as ambassadors. Of course, the school gives more interest to how your performance can bring in positivity. Therefore, your chances will increase.

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