Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program 2023

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Padua International Excellence Scholarship ProgramFinally, it all boils down to your excellent academic record, here. The reason is this, the Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program is for international students that are very talented with outstanding academic performance. On the other hand, this Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program only seeks bachelor’s and Master’s students. These students will be ready to compete for a slot on the scholarship as the program is a highly competitive one. In line with this, if you are equal to the task and can comfortably position yourself and get selected, then you can read through and apply already.

More so, this scholarship promises to be that rare scheme that will lift off your educational financial worries and take you somewhere abroad to live and study. In addition, the Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program is sponsored by the University of Padua, Italy.



For starters, Italy is officially called the Republic of Italy. This country is located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea in southern Europe. Rome is not just the capital city, but the largest city in Italy. Additionally, Italy speaks Italian as their official language and it is also among the founding and leading member of the European Union. Similarly, Italy is a member of a lot of other international organizations like NATO, OECD, UN, WTO, G7, and others. With its very highly advanced economy, the country ranked the sixth-largest country with national wealth and the third-largest by the central bank gold reserve.

Furthermore, education in Italy is divided into 5 stages and is compulsory for every child of age. Education is free for all children in Italy, both citizens and permanent residents of the country. Meanwhile, the universities in Italy are among the best and the oldest in the world.

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University of Padua

Founded by a group of students and teachers from Bologna in 1222, the University of Padua is located in Padua, Italy. By the way, the university is the second-oldest in the country and also ranked second-best among other schools in the country in 2015. The University of Padua ranked the fifth-oldest surviving university in the world and not to forget that it boasts of more than 40,000 students actively studying there.

The University of Padua is always in the news for high rankings and outstanding activities due to its top-quality education and a great staff selection. The university offers a wide range of degrees for its students through its numerous faculties.

Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program

Presently, the University of Padua is offering financial help to international students through the Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program. In line with this, this offer is slated for only highly talented international students that want to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Padua University, Italy. However, it is only the students that show the highest academic record and achievement that may be rewarded with this offer.

Furthermore, the successful candidates must fulfill an ambassadorial role and also represent the university at events when asked to. And to add to this, all lectures and teaching will be in the English Language.


Number of Padua International Excellence Scholarship

The University of Padua will offer 50 Padua International Excellence Scholarships to 50 highly talented and outstanding international students.

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Amount of scholarship

In continuation, the Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program grossly amounts to a fee-waiver plus 8,000 Euros per academic year. However, the only amount the beneficiary pays for each year is the admission fee. This corresponds with the regional tax revenue stamp. See Marca da bollo.

Scholarship duration

It is equally important to note that, the Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program has a maximum duration of:

  • 2 continuous years for Master’s degree candidates
  • 3 continuous years for Bachelor’s and Single-Cycle degree candidates.

After the said duration, beneficiaries will henceforth cover their own expenses as well as the tuition fees until graduation.

Who can apply

As requested, the scholarship is for highly talented international students from any part of the world. That is if you wish to enroll in one of the University of Padua Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees completely held in the English Language.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree completely held in the English Language

Importantly, First-Cycle studies lead to a Bachelor’s degree qualification

For Bachelor’s degree

School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

  •   Animal Care

School of Engineering

  •   Information Engineering

School of Psychology

  •   Psychological Sciences
  •   Techniques and Methods in Psychological Science

School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage

  •   Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies

School of Science

  •   Biology of Human and Environmental Health

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For Master’s and Single-Cycle degrees

Also, Second-Cycle and Single-Cycle studies lead to a Master’s degree qualification.


School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

  •    Biotechnologies for food science
  •    Forest science
  •    Food and Health
  •    Italian food and wine
  •    Sustainable agriculture
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School of Economics and Political Sciences

  •    Business administration
  •    Economics and finance
  •    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Human rights and multi-level governance

School of Engineering

School of Medicine

Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage School

School of Psychology

School of Science

For more information on the courses available in English visit here

How to Apply

  • You must not possess Italian citizenship (except for dual citizenship which includes Italian)
  • Secondly, you must hold a non-Italian foreign secondary school diploma (fr Bachelor’s or single-cycle degree candidate) or a non-Italian Bachelor’s degree (for Master’s degree candidates).
  • Do not reside in Italy
  • Apply to one or more of the degree programs completely taught in English Language at the University of Padua.

Also, note that you can apply for up to 3 degree programs.

Then again, if you meet these requirements, automatically, you might be selected.

Selected criteria

The academic committee of each degree program shortlists candidates and awards the most deserving candidate with the scholarship. However, this selection is based on academic excellence in your field of study, quality, and records from your previous learning.

Closing Date: May 2, 2023


Importantly, the University of Padua will revoke your scholarship if:

  • You do not obtain at least 20 ECTS by Nov 30, 2023
  • Also, if you decide to transfer to another university or withdraw from your studies

Besides, you must refund the amount of the scholarship already received in any of the above cases.

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