Queens Chancellor Scholarship 2023/23

Do you intend to apply for the Queens Chancellor Scholarship? Are you looking for the requirements and the application deadline? Continue reading to learn more. You can learn more about the recipients of this award and the schools that may submit candidates in this article. The following are the key details to keep in mind.





Application Procedure & Deadline

The first day of January marks the Queens Chancellor Scholarship application deadline.




The application procedure for the Queens Chancellor Scholarship is challenging, and it’s vital to remember that the standards for admission to QuARMS are different from those for the Chancellor’s Scholarship. Students must still finish the Supplementary Essay and all admission criteria for the program they are interested in. The date for this application is different from the deadline for the Major Admission Awards Application, even though early offers of admission are still taken into account for major admission awards.


You must be a full-time undergraduate student at a university in Canada or a Canadian territory to be eligible for this prize. The program must accept you before the application deadline. There is one exception, though: you still have time to appeal the judgment if your application is rejected. By December 1 of the first year, applicants must turn in all of their supporting documentation.



Candidates must submit a thorough application form, be suggested by their school, and communicate their interest in applying to Ms. Gillam. Through the Queen’s SOLUS Student Center, the application must be filed online. The application deadline is always January 1st, though this is subject to change. Please take note that in order to be eligible for a scholarship, you must satisfy all admission requirements. You also need to be enrolled full-time in school.



Once your application is complete, you will be required to write a personal statement outlining your volunteer work. This paragraph should explain how your contributions have improved the community. Describe your involvement in an organization to show how you contribute to society. Consider employing the STAR structure. Write about how you advanced the initiative by taking the lead, for instance, if you were the one who started the new project.

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Application Requirements

For one to be eligible for the Queens Chancellor Scholarship, such applicant must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:


You must fulfill a number of requirements if you’re applying for a Queens Chancellor Scholarship in order to be eligible.

Candidates must be enrolled in full-time study and have their high school nominate them.

You must demonstrate these traits in your application because the award is based on leadership and dedication. The essay must be written in English, so keep that in mind. Here are some pointers for writing an effective essay.

You must have a GPA of at least 3.5 and be enrolled full-time to be eligible to apply for a Queen’s Chancellor Scholarship.

You will save time when completing your SOLUS online application if you prepare a response in advance.

you need to be a Queen’s University undergraduate student starting your first year. CEGEP students in their second year may also apply.

Your school must nominate you, and you must let Ms. Gillam know that you are interested in the scholarship after receiving the nomination. Then, submit one MAA (Multiple Admission Application) application, which must be done online using the Queen’s SOLUS Student Centre.

Recipients of this scholarship are not eligible for any other merit-based awards. Along with fulfilling the prerequisites, you also need to submit a thorough application.

The next round of applications will be accepted starting in the fall of 2023–2023.


The application deadline is in the fall of 2023. You might want to revisit your eligibility requirements for major admission awards if you have already received an award.



The Vice Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship is available to exceptional international students. Your annual gross tuition expenses will be reduced by the amount of this award. You have until the start date mentioned in your offer to enroll in a degree program. You must be a non-UK citizen and enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree to be eligible. Students who receive full financial support from outside sponsorship organizations will not be eligible for the scholarship.

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Queens Chancellor Scholarship Application Recipient

A $36,000 scholarship has been given to Emma Dupuis, a Grade 12 student from Mattawa, Ontario, by Queen’s University in Kingston. One of the 50 scholarships the institution gives to meritorious students is the Chancellor’s Scholarship. Students must have at least a 90 percent grade point average and be nominated by their high school in order to apply. Dupuis has received accolades from her school for her leadership abilities, participation in volunteer work, and academic performance.



Multiple scholarships are available from the geography department. This prize is given to a full-time graduate geography student who exhibits academic distinction and a desire to engage in significant investigation or study. Applications must be received by October 31st, deadline. For additional information or to apply for one of these awards, get in touch with the university registrar’s office. About eight weeks before the competition deadline, the selection committee will contact the scholarship winners.



For consideration for the Queens Chancellor Scholarship, candidates must be residents of Canada or be nationals of another country. Despite the fact that the University does not provide fellowship assistance, many of these awards are open to overseas students and are worth a few thousand dollars annually. Other internal prizes at Queen’s University have comparable specifications. Another matching scheme for international undergraduate students is offered through the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund. The Queen’s Chancellor Scholarship, however, is the most sought-after prize for students.


Over 400 students receive one of the numerous scholarships that the university offers each year. These honorees must be members of an eligible community, be of Indigenous descent from Canada, or have demonstrated excellence in the classroom. The Queen’s University also receives the David L. Lindsay Scholarship in addition to the Queen’s Chancellor Scholarship. The honor is given in David Lindsay’s honor, a late former deputy minister of Ontario. Candidates for the scholarship must be pursuing a master’s degree in public administration and have a passion for the environment, natural resources, or the public administration area.

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Eligible Schools that can Nominate Students for Queens Chancellor Scholarship.

A student must be nominated by their high school and meet the requirements for the Queens Chancellor Scholarship. Additionally, the school must have one or more QuARMS candidates and a maximum class size of 250 students. Candidates for the Chancellor’s Scholarship are able to enroll in medical school with QuARMS after just two years of undergraduate education. The prize has a value of about $10,000.



Friends and employees of Queens College established the Paul Klapper Scholarship in memory of the late Professor Herbert Bienstock. It recognizes the student’s dedication to a life of academic excellence, moral integrity, and responsible citizenship. This award is also offered by the Retirees’ Association to a graduating senior who wants to go on to graduate school. In addition, the Joan Thornton McManus Memorial Prize, which recognizes academic excellence, may be awarded to two or three graduating seniors.


Schools must submit an application letter, a recent transcript, and a CV in order to suggest students for Queens-Chancellor Scholarships. Nothing else will be taken into consideration. The application letter and résumé are the only documents that will be reviewed. The Departments of Economics, History, and Political Studies as well as a member of the Senate Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid will make up the selection committee, which will be presided over by the Head of Political Studies.


How To Apply:

Click the link below to apply for the scholarship:

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