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Qatar Scholarships for International Students 2023

Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, Qatar Scholarships for International Students is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.

Qatar Scholarships for International Students


The Qatar Scholarships for International Students and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Applications for Qatar Scholarships for International Students are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for Qatar Scholarships for International Students

Here are some brief descriptions of the top Qatar Scholarships for International Students.

About Qatar University

Qatar University continues to serve as Qatar’s primary institution of higher education since its inception in 1977 and has become today a beacon of academic and research excellence in the region. Qatar University is committed to providing high-quality education in areas of national priority.

Underpinning this commitment is the goal to align its colleges, programs and courses with established international standards and best practices. As a result, Qatar University has been successful in its accreditation initiatives, earning the endorsement of numerous leading international accrediting bodies.

The university represents the interest of the government and private industry to conduct regional research which offers the widest range of academic programs.

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The University is one of the best tertiary institutions in its region has provided scholarship opportunities for aspirants across the globe for the year 2023.

Qatar foundation scholarships are available to eligible qualified candidates who will commence in the undergraduate and foundation degree coursework at the university on the basis of academic merit.

Reasons Why You Should Apply For Scholarships in Qatar

The scholarship is tuition fee funded. Qatar University also provides a brand new, well-equipped, well maintained, state-of-the-art facility.

The institution also boasts of credible and highly qualified resource persons that will richly impact the students.

Level and Field of Study:

These scholarships are available for undergraduates and foundation degree applicants.

Qatar University comprises ten colleges namely;

  • College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
  • College of Business and Economics (CBE)
  • College of Education (CED)
  • College of Engineering (CENG)
  • College of Health Sciences (CHS)
  • College of Law (LAWC)
  • College of Medicine (CMED)
  • College of Pharmacy (CPH)
  • College of Sharia and Islamic Studies (CSIS)
  • College of Dental Medicine (CDM)

Host Nationality:

This scholarship program is hosted by Qatar which is in the Middle East, also on the Asian continent.

Eligible Nationality:

The scholarship in Qatar for international students are available for all international undergraduate and foundation aspirants.

Scholarship Benefits:

This Qatar university scholarship covers only the tuition fee of the student.

Eligibility for This Scholarship Program:

  • Eligible Countries: Qatar citizens and applicants from countries all around the world.
  • Acceptable Course or Subjects: Bachelor and a foundation degree in any subject.
  • Admissible Criteria: The applicant must have to register and pass 12 credit hours in each regular semester. In extenuating circumstances, the student may request an exception through the online scholarship exemption application and the program section will decide whether or not the request is approved.

How to Apply For Qatar Scholarship:

  • How to Apply: If an applicant wants to take advantage of this bursary, then you need to take admission to the undergraduate degree coursework at the university. After taking confirmation, seekers can download and submit the award application form.
  • Supporting Documents: The applicant must attach all certified authentic copies of official transcripts, two letters from referees and all required supporting documents.
  • Admission Requirements: it requires you to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 out of 4 for this studentship.
    Language Requirement: All candidates must have to meet the English language requirement to study at the university.

Application Deadline:

Subscribers should apply from October 13, 2023, to November 5, 2023, as the application opens and closes on the aforementioned dates.

Scholarship FAQ: Qatar scholarship

As an international student; How can I apply for Qatar scholarship?

How will I know if the institution has received all the materials submitted or if I need more specific information?

You may contact the Scholarships Office for this information.

When will the institution I applied for a scholarship make decisions on the scholarship?

An email will be sent to inform applicants about the result after about one month of submitting the application.

Does scholarship students have access to Health Insurance?

Scholarship recipients have to contact Qatar University Human Resources Office for Health Insurance.

Are there vacations and public holidays that the scholarship recipient is entitled to?

Throughout the scholarship duration, vacation is taken in line with the dates set by the country and university or college of study.

In the year in which the program is completed, special leave of 30 calendar days is granted after the official course end-date (typically last day of final examination), to allow time for the scholarship recipient to arrange repatriation.

Scholarship recipients shall observe the public holidays of the country and university or college of study. This rule applies to the entire period of the Scholarship regardless of any vacation or internship periods spent in Qatar.


This content on the Qatar scholarship for 2023 has been fully packaged only for you. Follow the guidelines outlined above properly for easy application.

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