How To Withdraw From 1xbet – Read the steps

1xbet is one of the betting platforms for you to play your sports betting and is very very fast in payment once you win your ticket.

Did you bet on 1xbet and you win and you want to withdraw? This article will show simple steps on how to withdraw 1xbet fun. Do you wish to learn about 1xbet withdrawal? then follow the steps below.


How To Withdraw From 1xbet to Your Bank Account

  1. Go to the 1xbet site and log in to your account.
  2. Select ‘personal profile’ from the menu options.
  3. On the ‘personal profile’ tab, select withdraw funds.
  4. Select the bank of your choice, then click on it
  5. Input the amount you wish to withdraw.
  6. Choose the withdraw option to continue, then select the preferred payment option and click on withdraw.
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Conditions before you can withdrawal from1xbet

  1. Your withdrawal request will be declined if the deposit or withdrawal amount is not consistent with the bet placed by the bettor.
  2. If your betting account has been misused, your withdrawal request would be refused.
  3. If the payment details you used for your deposit are inconsistent with what you want to use to withdraw, your withdrawal request would be refused.
  4. To use the cash out 1xbet successfully, you should not process a 1xbet deposit and withdrawal with another user’s account. That would be considered fraudulent by the 1xbet payment administration.
  5. If you breach 1xbet’s company rules and fail to honour the terms and conditions (for instance, processing withdrawal without punting on any game or fulfilling the wagering requirement to get a bonus), your withdrawal request would be denied.
  6. While service fees may be charged for bank payment options, no service fee is charged for 1xbet deposits and withdrawals made with Bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrencies under the Bitcoin payment system.
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What is the minimum amount to withdraw from1xbet?

For Nigerian punters, the minimum withdrawal for 1xbet varies depending on the withdrawal option you want to use, the least you can do is ₦550. So if you request an amount that is less than that, it would not be granted.



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