How To Use LinkedIn For Money Making

LinkedIn is an American Business and employment-oriented online strategy which operates through websites and mobile apps. LinkedIn is a business platform for those who are looking for jobs. It is one of the largest online business professional platforms. A complete profile on LinkedIn helps you to connect with opportunities by showing your complete professional story through your skills, knowledge and education.



LinkedIn was launched officially on 5 May 2003. About 875 million members are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn wants to join the world professionally to make them more effective and successful.



You can start on LinkedIn through the following steps:

1. Create Your Profile

The easiest way to use LinkedIn is to create a profile and sign up. In your LinkedIn profile, you can highlight your professional history, milestones, skills, and interests to your connections, current and future employers, and recruiters.




2. Build your network

Build up your network on LinkedIn, it helps what is going on in your professional industry and your circle. You can also add your old fellows, your family, friends, neighbours, office colleagues and coworkers etc. You will also follow companies and other people. It will provide a feature that will also scan your contacts. You can also use a feature in LinkedIn which helps you to create and join professional events for example seminars, exchanges, commerce, networking and marketing events. You will also send an invitation to companies to join your network. If they will accept they are called a first-degree connection. About 30,000 members on LinkedIn are First degree.




3. Find a Job

Using LinkedIn to research companies and reach out to the hiring community can help you find a new professional opportunity. In addition to applying directly for job opportunities, you can save job searches and notify your connections and recruiters that you are open to job opportunities.




4. Participating in the conversation

On LinkedIn, you can easily take part in conversations, allowing you to express your opinions and perspective on topics relevant to you, and you can like and comment on articles and posts. If you want to connect with people who share your interests, experiences, or aspirations, you can join or create LinkedIn Groups, and you can communicate with your network with ease using a set of lightweight expressions known as LinkedIn reactions.


5. Post Contents

Your content should be posted every day on LinkedIn to connect, learn, and share. Your content can also teach your professional team or network, as well as share your insights and thoughts.


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