Ghana Online Trading Training Established

Online marketing is one of the leading trends in Ghana, and the Ghanaian government is working to ensure that it positively impacts the general economic growth. With technology, most businesses are now shifting to conduct their daily activities online so as to reach all customers and maximize their profits. It is much easier to market on social media than traditional marketing. TikTok is one of the leading online marketing platforms that helped many organizations and brands reach their target customers without much struggle. Besides, Facebook and Instagram are also great for online marketing. A large number of businesses have websites and applications where they can interact with their customers.



Statistics indicate that Small and Medium Sized organizations are still struggling to succeed in Online trading and marketing, unlike large-scale organisations. The government of Ghana, in corporation with the trade department, organized an online trading training to equip these organizations with the right tactics to conduct online business successfully. The two-day online marketing and branding training was held at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. This training is similar to trade shows, but its main agenda is empowering Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to conduct their businesses online. The other goal is to create brand visibility through the involvement of brand ambassadors, social media influencers, stakeholders, online companies, and consumers. This trade is also known as Kejefair 2022, and it was officially opened on December 17 and was concluded on December 18, 2022.

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The training has been impactful, and all attendees have acquired a lot of knowledge on how to be fruitful when using online platforms. The participants were given a chance to show, sell and learn advanced marketing technics and branding skills. Additionally, all the entrepreneurs who do online trading were offered an opportunity to have a one-on-one buying and selling practice with customers to guarantee trust and good customer service connection. Kejefair 2022 aimed to equip all entrepreneurs with branding knowledge to appeal to all their customers, efficiently market all their commodities online, and connect with all their customers.

Speaking during an interview, The Chief Executive Officer of Kejefair, Mr Bernard Fiifi Yankey, noted that a large number of salespersons deceive their customers when interacting online because of lack of the right marketing skills. Mr. Bernard Fiifi Yankey and his team organized for this training to facilitate salespersons-customer relations and to prevent fraud in the business. According to Mr Bernerd, this fair was intended to equip all salespersons with good selling behaviours. The trade show also aimed to improve the number of customers and ensure that they get reasonably priced commodities.

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The Chief Executive Officer of Kejefair emphasized that the fair seeks to support SMEs and facilitate them with great marketing plans and skills. “We educate vendors on how to brand, how to sell and lecture them on public relations issues,” he noted. This fair displayed local meals, culture, and dance, to promote the arts and beliefs of Ghanaian people, including the ones in the diaspora. He revealed that their agenda is to reach as many entrepreneurs and vendors as possible, and therefore this fair will start being held in other regions across the country, not just Accra alone. It is advisable for all people in business to work towards achieving their goals. Kejefair made all the products affordable to all people.

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A large number of people, especially new business owners, attended this fair. The attendees intended to advertise their commodities to customers, establish relationships, and create brand exposure. Besides, some of the businesses offered their products at discounted cost. Technology is evolving every day, and it is advisable for all the business to tap into all the benefits and quickly adapt to all the changes lest they start losing customers.


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