How Do Facebook Account Get Hacked

How Do Facebook Accounts Get Hacked;

See The Simple Tricks Hackers Use and learn how to protect your Facebook account. With this guide you get to protect your Facebook Account from online hackers for a long time.


Brief Introduction Hacking of Facebook account has become something else nowadays, despite the strong security Facebook authorized, Hackers keep hacking people’s account. Some times you wonder How do Facebook account get hacked. Is very simple! How To Hack Facebook Account Hackers are using a simple Tricks base on your ignorance. one of the most reasons Facebook account are being hacked is because YOU ARE USING YOUR PHONE NUMBER AS YOUR PASSWORD.

Before anyone could register for a Facebook account, he or she must provide a phone number or an email. This phone number you provided and email is automatically your username to login to the account and it is visible to everybody.



Many peoples will still use the same phone number they use to register facebook account as their password which have made things become easier for hackers. This is how hackers do, once they login to your profile, they will copy your phone number and use the number as your username and they will also use the same number as your password then, login. They will now have full access to your account, read your chat, change any setting they want or kick you out of the account.



Why You Should Not Share Your Facebook Account Details?

From recent investigations, Hackers have come up with a new technique of hacking people’s Facebook Account by extracting your Login details.

Here is the ultimate trick they use to hack your facebook account, they will introduce you to an online platform loaded with good offers, some can be an income earning platform etc. Then for you to join the platform you need to Login with your Facebook Account details and once you fill in your details, they will gain access to your account and change your Login details. So take caution and don’t submit/share your Login details to anybody or any online platform.

Facebook Password Have you seen how Facebook account being hacked?

Ask anyone that says his or her Facebook account is hacked and learn from their experiences.

It is not bad to use phone number as your password, but don’t use the one you use to register the account as your password. You can use your partner’s number, father, mother or you can use a combination of alphabet, number & symbols. Once you can apply This, it will be very hard for your account to be hacked.


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