How To Make Money Online By Joining A Four Percent Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the strategy businesses that company or business do to gain more market. They collaborate with the affiliate to promote the product and share the commission. Four Percent is one of the companies that provide this kind of marketing strategy. Then, what is a four percent affiliate program?



What Is Four Percent?


Basically, four percent is the first rating of an e-learning and coaching world-class platform that specifically helps people to grow their business online. It is very suitable for you who want to begin a business but are confused about how to start it.


One of four percent vision is to eliminate confusion of people and deliver the most potential resources, training, and technology. It allows you to start getting results fast for creating the good life. Four percent is one of the communities that grow faster and capable for modern-day entrepreneurs. The group is amongst over 120+ countries.



If you are trying to build an awesome business with amazing results, then four percent is the best solution. You will get something magical once being Four-Percenter and feel connected to a movement and success-oriented community. They will inspire and help you a lot to elevate the up levels and make the dreams come true.

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So, Four Percent is a solution for you who want to build a dream business online. It is suitable either for you who are just starting or having business already but willing to make it grow.



About Four Percent Business Training

Vick Strizheus created Four Percent as one of the best online business training recommendations. It aims to teach business skills through an online platform with strong emphasis so you can apply the knowledge by promoting Four Percent itself.

Four Percent has a mission to be the best affiliate marketing course based on their extensive research and feedback from students. However, it covers more than affiliate marketing even though most students are focusing on this aspect.


In this case, Four Percent is not only giving you knowledge but also the opportunity to earn money. They focus on online business marketing programs such as affiliate marketing academy, communication and copywriting mastery, SEO, Facebook Ads, and e-commerce entrepreneur.

That is why once Vick invited the people to webinar about affiliate marketing, he called it as the fastest way to earn money nowadays. What is affiliate marketing? It means that you promote products and services from other people and collect the commission for every sale.


Four Percent Affiliate Marketing

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Once you sign up for free training from Four Percent, then you will get an offering to promote Four Percent itself through affiliate marketing training. So, you can take the conclusion that Four Percent teaches the students how to become a sales person through a commission-based program.


When you get more new customers following their courses based on your offering, then the more you will earn money. However, it is different with MLM or multi level marketing even though before Vick has had big success on that program in the past. So, no wonder if there is still a strong MLM vibe from Four Percent training.


However, don’t easily judge that everything will go smoothly to earn money even though affiliate marketing is one of the great ways to achieve it. You still need to learn and try hard to do promotion so more customers feel interest with your attractive marketing.


Steps To Join Four Percent

As explained above, Four Percent is an online business course that offers affiliate marketing programs to the students. So, the students can apply directly the knowledge that they get by promoting the program from Four Percent itself. Below are the steps that you need to follow, those are:


Sign Up

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The first step that you must do is sign up to Four Percent and you can take a couple of courses for free first. The name of course is “7 Steps to Freedom” and “Mass Traffic Blueprint”. After signing up for a free course, you will get access to a private Facebook group.


Upgrade The Features

After getting free courses that are provided by Four Percent, you might need more knowledge and skills. So, you have to unlock the other courses and upgrade by paying a premium fee. Basically, the Gold Membership is one of the cheapest plans available.


You just need to pay as much $1997 at one time, or $297 for 12 month payments. By upgrading into Gold membership, you will get all 4% premium courses, weekly live coaching, access to ESTATE Website builder and ChickyBoom affiliate network for 12 months.


Join Affiliate Marketing Program

You would be an affiliate of Four Percent without paying additional cost if you join as Gold Membership. Then, you will earn commission money about 40% if you get new students or members following this course.


Being a Four Percent affiliate program, you wouldn’t only have lessons about online business, but you can learn from Vick’s positive thinking and self-improvement.


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