How To Make Money Online By Setting Up Klaviyo Affiliate

In this digital era, there are many ways you can earn additional income. Either doing business online, becoming a dropshipper, or joining Klaviyo affiliate. Those are great ways for you, especially those who don’t have enough money to start a business. You don’t need to have much funds first to do it.


What Is Klaviyo?

Basically, Klaviyo is a platform of email marketing that helps to enable businesses to make email and SMS marketing automatically. When you are able to set up Klaviyo integration, gain a new affiliate who joins your program, then they will be added to the Klaviyo account automatically.


As a result, it can be a powerful tool for digital marketing strategy by automating SMS and email communications to the people who joined the affiliate program. What can you do to become an affiliate of Klaviyo? Here are the examples that you need to know, those are:


l Sending a personalized and branded welcome email to the new affiliates who join with the program


l Help affiliates to learn more about the program or brand include how to use the dashboard of affiliate effectively by sending onboarding emails


l Remind to affiliates if any one of them who doesn’t complete the payment detail information


l Keep affiliates being informed and engaged by sending a monthly newsletter

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l Offering to affiliates the special commission incentives or new products exclusively.

When affiliates achieve new bonus, automate email notifications so they will be aware


How To Integrate Klaviyo and Refersion?

If you want to integrate the Klaviyo affiliate program, don’t forget to make your affiliates to be in the new list or you can add it also to the existing list. When you use the same account of Klaviyo to market to customers, it would be better if you create a separate list for affiliates.


How to set up the integration?

These are the steps to follow:

Log in to Refersion Account

Navigate to Account

Choose and click Settings >> Klaviyo

Add new window or tab and login to Klaviyo account

Open Klaviyo dashboard

Navigate to Lists & Segments

Click the name of the list for integration

Choose and click Settings in the top navigation bar

Locate the list ID with bold text

Copy the code and head back to Refersion

Change the dropdown into Yes

Paste the list ID code to the List ID of where Affiliates should be added

Return to Klaviyo and leave the API key field blank.


How To Create a Private API Key?

You need to use a private API Key to do this integration. Then, you can follow below steps:

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Click Your Name >> Account >> Settings >> API Keys

Choose and click Create Private API Key to create a new key

Click pencil icon to te Refersion Integration label

To view private API key, you can click the eye icon

Copy private key

Return to Refersion

Paste private Klaviyo Api that was empty

Select the fields that you would like to Klaviyo

Actually, it is better if you can select and send all fields into Klaviyo so you will get the most out of integration. But, ensure to include below fields to your selection, those are:


Coupen Code, to allow the affiliates to promote the products by using a coupon code, then their unique code would be included in the welcome email

Referral Link, to promote the programs or product by using affiliate’s referral link

Offer ID, to separate email communication per group if you have different affiliate such as ambassadors, customers, bloggers, etc.


What is the Klaviyo Affiliate Program?

This Klaviyo affiliate is one of the most popular affiliate programs. You will get a 20% for every first buy from the merchant. If you want to be a part of this program, you don’t need to pay anything as it is free.

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However, you have to follow the terms as below:


Do registration and fill the form

Expect you will get approval from Klaviyo team

Create special affiliate account and grab special referral links

Publish the referral links to blog or website

After that, you successfully start as affiliate marketing of Klaviyo. Then, just wait until you obtain commission fees from each purchase after the people click those links. This program provides you as much as 20% share for each lead sales.


Then, the cookie lifetime is about 30 days as it is because of the SaaS recurring structure so the affiliate would get paid on every subscription renewals and upgrades. All the info and withdrawals can be found in the Klaviyo partner dashboard.


If you want to do registration, then you just need to make an account through Klaviyo.com/affiliate-program/ link. It works when the people pick your link and you will gain commission for each sale through the link that you have shared.


Sure, Klaviyo affiliate is just one of the options amongst the other affiliate programs. However, it is very recommended for you either a beginner or someone who has business.

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