How To Apply For The Cyprus Student Visa As A Ghanaian Student

“How to apply for the Cyprus student visa as a Ghanaian student”, these are questions asked by most students in Ghana who seek to travel abroad to further their studies.



This is so because of the failing educational system we have here in Ghana.


In this article, we will be going through some of the major steps you need to take as a Ghanaian student seeking to go to Cyprus.

Cyprus is a country in the Mediterranean. It is the third largest island located south of Turkey.

Among all other countries located in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is one of the favourite places where most people like to visit during the  has becholiday. Ithas become a  very popular destination for funseekers and travellers.



Educational System Level Of Cyprus

Cyprus is influenced by the higher educational system of the Europeans, this means they have a very effective educational system.


The higher educational system in Cyprus comprises private as well public institutions of advanced education at both university and secondary levels.


Alot of factors makes Cyprus an excellent place for Ghanaian students who intend studying abroad.


Formerly, Cyprus was a British colony and so English is a language that is spoken there.


Most of the institutions in Cyprus teach English language making it easy for all foreign students that are not from English speaking countries to fit into the system without any language barrier.


What is the Cyprus Student Visa And How do I Apply For The Cyprus Student Visa As A Ghanaian?

The Cyprus Student Visa is a visa that is issued to foreign students who intend to visit Cyprus for studying.


As someone who has intentions of studying in Cyprus, you must apply for a Cyprus student visa in their embassy here in Ghanian to make your stay in Cyprus legal.


The student visa is issued on condition that the students will return to their home country upon completion of their studies.

The Cyprus student Visa is issued by the Civil Archive and Migration department in Cyprus.


What Are The Requirements For The Cyprus Student Visa as Ghanaian Citizens?

In order to apply for a Cyprus student visa in Ghana, you need to ensure that all your documents are complete.

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Incomplete and fake documents i.e fake birth certificates etc are not allowed as it can result in a penalty.


Your documents should carry the right information about you as it is essential for successful approval of Cyprus visa application.


The reason most applications that are sent to the embassy are rejected is because they are incomplete or some of the presented documents are not valid.


Cyprus Student Visa Requirements

Here is the list of necessary documents required for applying for the Cyprus Student Visa in Ghana:


Cyprus Student Visa Application Form

What is a student visa application form?

The Cyprus Student Visa Application Form are documents needed to start your application.


It must be filled correctly and completely and four recent passport photography.


Four Recent Passport Photographs

In order to apply for a Cyprus Student Visa as a Ghanaian student living in Ghana, you are required to submit four passport photographs having a white background that captures your whole face.


International Passport

An international passport is a type of identification document issued by the government or governing authority of a country for the purpose of certifying the identity and citizenship of an individual, and facilitating the movements of people between different countries.


The international passport presented at the embassy must have a blank visa page and also a validity period of at least one year after your proposed stay in the country.


For the assessment of your travel history, you can submit your former passports with visas and stamps.


Original Senior School Leaving Certificate/Original Bachelor/Masters certificate

As a Ghanaian students going for undergraduate programs are required to present copies of an original senior school leaving certificate with their grade report, while those who intend going for a postgraduate program are required to present the original copies of their bachelor or master certificate as the case may be.


Students are required to submit two sets of the original copies that are signed.


Proof of Financial Status

Proof of financial statement is a bank statement, security statement, or custody statement usually qualifies as proof of funds some of these documents include;

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Statement containing original tax returns from the last three years.

Statement of the bank records and/or fixed deposit statements of your sponsor (which can also be your parent).

You are required to show a proof of your financial capability using these proofs to ascertain your ability to meet all financial needs of the program you intend running.


Your proof of financial status can be a statement of account showing a minimum balance of £ 7000 in your bank or that of your sponsor.


If you are going for a scholarship, financial documentation from the sponsor as well as the scholarship certificate grants should be presented there.


Original Police Character Certificate

A police character certificate is an official document that is issued by the police as a result of a complete background check by the police or government agency of a country to ascertain the number of criminal records that the applicant may have.


This document is essential as it indicates that the intending student is a model citizen with no past criminal records or anything related to a violent past.


Original Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is a written statement from a physician or another medically qualified professional which states the result of a medical examination of a patient.


An original medical certificate is required and it must show the result of the following medical test – Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Yellow fever and hepatitis C.


Other Documents Requirements to Apply for Student Visa in Ghana are:

A receipt containing the tuition fee from your choice institution in Cyprus.

The original receipt of the tuition fee paid to the university in Cyprus.

These receipts must bear the name of the university, the account number of the university and the full name of the applicant.


Admission Letter From the Institution Where you Intend Studying in Cyprus.

The admission letter submitted by the applicant must contain the following:

Full name of the applicant.

Name of the institution.

Intended course/program of study.

Intended course/program duration.

Tuition fee detail.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an insurance product that covers unforeseen losses that are incurred either internationally or domestically while travelling.

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Travel insurance is a vital requirement for your visa application although not all insurance certificates are acceptable by the embassy.


You are required to get your insurance certificate from a visa expert who knows the most suitable insurance company for all visa cases.


Proof of Accomodation

You need to confirm if you have an accomodation prepared for you by your school when you arrive in Cyprus, if you don’t, then, you must present a proof of valid hotel reservation.


Avoid using hotel reservations that could be canceled before your application process is completed.


Proof of Flight Reservation

A flight reservation is a document showing that you have a reserved seat for flying on a specific date, in a particular destination.


Tips on How to Apply for Cyprus Student Visa As A Ghanaian Student

Visa applicants are advised to personally submit their document at the Cyprus conconsulate.


Here is a step by step process on how to apply for the Cyprus student visa.


Gather All Required Documents

After securing your admission into a Cyprus educational institution, you are expected to compile the important documents you’d be needing, these documents stated above.


Download and Fill the Visa application Form

The next to do after compiling your documents is to download the Cyprus application form and print out the hard copy then fill the form honestly and carefully and attach all the required documents.


Visit the Consulate Processing the Payment of Cyprus Student Visa Application

You will be required to pay a processing fee at the consulate to kick start the processing of your Cyprus student visa.


Schedule an Appointment With The Consulate

Part of the processes involved in applying for a Cyprus student visa in Ghana as a ghy student is that you will be required to present yourself physically at the consulate.


It is important for you to track your Cyprus Student Visa application by scheduling appointments with the consulate.


I hope this article was able to answer your questions on how to get a student Cyprus visa as a Nigeria student.


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