Gardiner Scholarship Eligibility Requirement 2023

The Gardiner scholarship program is aim to helps parents individualize the educational strategies for their children with certain special needs. To go about the scholarship program, there are vital information regarding the application process and eligibility process. Read through for more information.

gardiner scholarship


How Much is the Gardiner Scholarship Worth?

The Gardiner scholarship amount will differ base on  grade, county and matrix score, and is value 90% of the funding a school district would get for the student.

The typical amount for  some students is $10,000. Students with the very severe disabilities may be qualified for a higher scholarship amount if the student gets an IEP after he/she has been awarded a Gardiner Scholarship.


Who is Eligible for Gardiner Scholarship Account Program?

Below are the category of person that are eligible for this scholarship program:

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1. The student must be a resident of Florida.

2. He or she must be 3 or 4 years old on or before September 1.

3. The student is qualified to register in kindergarten through grade twelve in a public school in Florida; and


4. He or she must have at least one of the disabilities (as defined by Section 1002.385(2)(d), Florida Statutes) listed below; and

5. The student must have a AAA Diagnosis of Disability Form finished and signed by a U.S, licensed physician or a Florida licensed psychologist that matches at least one of the disabilities (as defined by Section 1002.385(2)(d), Florida Statutes) listed below.

6. The Scholarship program  is open to Florida Student from 3 years to 22 years old or 12th grade, either comes first, with the following disabilities: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Prader-Willi

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How are Scholarships Awarded?

Scholarships are given to qualified students in the following order of priority: renewing students; students kept  on the preceding school years wait list.

New applicants and late-filing applicants (renewals and wait listed students who missed the priority deadline) on a first- completed, first-awarded basis.

What Is Covered?

The amount collected by a winner of Gardiner Scholarship is determined by on a number of diverse factors, like the grade level, the country where he or she resides, and the kid’s individual level of need.

The usual amount is roughly $10,301, but it is higher for children whose disability is  above level 3 (known as Matrix 253).

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The parent may seek for an evaluation from the school district to  know if the student qualifies. Click here for a list of the scholarship amount by grade and county

Valid Period of the Gardiner Scholarship

The beneficiaries of Gardiner Scholarship may receive the funding until they graduate from high school, turn 22, or  maybe go back to public school (whichever occurs first).

The scholarship will continue every year as long as the applicants obligate to the yearly renewal application submission, agree to observe with the rules by signing the Sworn Compliance Statement, and final verification of document submission


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