Devry University Student Portal

What information regarding the Devry University Student Portal would interest you? By logging into the Devry University website, you can use the self-service resources and look over your academic records. 

Devry University Student Portal

Devry University Student Portal

Private, for-profit DeVry University has campuses across the US and is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois. The university was established in 1931 by Herman A. DeVry and is recognized by the Higher Learning Commission.

DeVry University’s goal is to promote student learning by offering top-notch, career-focused education that integrates technology, science, business, and the arts.

To serve the needs of a varied and scattered student body, the university offers practitioner-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs both on-campus and online.

How to Login to Devry University Student Portal

To log into their portal, all DeVry University students should follow these instructions. There are two fundamental methods for accessing the login page.

The first one is via Visiting the following website address: https://my.devry.edu/

On arrival, navigate to the upper Right side Menu and go to “Sign In”. After this, You will be taken to the Login Page.

From here, enter your username in the box provided. Continue and type your password in the box that appears.

Next thing to do is tab on “Sign In” to access your Dashboard. Moreover, you can tick the “Remain supported in” to sign in next time without providing the password.

Furthermore, the second method to access the Portal is to visit your login page via https://dvu.okta.com/login/login.htm?

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Enter both your username and password in the spaces provided in the login area.

From this point, tick on the “Remain supported in” to sign in next time without needing to input your password.

Login Challenges and Solution for Portal

If you are having trouble accessing your dashboard, it is advised that you first switch your browser to one of the suggested programs, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Second, delete all application saves before looking through history.

Additionally, restart your program to see whether the problem has been resolved.

How to Retrieve your Forgotten Login Passwords

There is no need to panic if you forget your login secret code; simply follow the instructions below to recover:

Firstly, you’ll need to visit the Student Login page.

After this, tab on “I need help with my password” and two decisions will dropdown:

Reset my password–this prompt action happens If you are on a DeVry given device.

Change password expression after login. Do note that if you are not on a DeVry given device.

Tab on the primary decision and you will be taken to the password reset page.

Enter your email or Username and picked how you really want to recuperate it between “Reset through SMS” or “Reset through Email” Note: SMS should be used if a cell number has been organized.

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Logging in to Canvas

1. To login to kindly visit https://devryu.instructure.com/login/material.

2. Type in your Username in the primary space.

3. Enter your username in the ensuing space

4. Tick the “Remain supported in” to sign in next time without forming a password.

5. Tab on “Neglected to recollect Password?” to recuperate your lost or neglected to recall secret word.

6. You can visit the DeVry Alumni login: Login to DeVry Alumni through https://alumni.devry.edu/.


Support and On-Demand Tools

1. E-tutoring: Here you will get access to 24/7 learning to suit your peculiar time/work schedule.

2. E-textbooks as well as audiobooks: To aid you in your study, you will have access to course-related e-textbooks and corresponding audiobooks.

3. E-library: What is a university without its library? You would be given real-time access to a huge virtual library where you may expand your knowledge base by using the DeVry Portal.

4. On the DeVry.edu Student Portal you can “Go to Class”. You must first enter your student username and password here. Once you have access to the online course, you can watch lectures that have already been recorded or streamed live.

5. You can view the academic calendar and even manage your schedule to be in sync with the calendar.

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6. There is a “Schedule” page on the portal which you can access only by also providing your username and password.

7. A “Community” link is available to connect you with fellow students while you can check out the different ways you can pay for tuition by clicking on the “Student Finance” link.

8. Note that you cannot access the “Community” and “Student Finance” without providing both your student username and registered password.

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The DeVry University Portal is the official platform for DeVry student to access their dashboard, check Calendar, view their Inbox, and also get Help.

We hope this article has been informative and you’ve been able to log in without further issues.

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