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Daily Habits That Are Ruining Your Posture

Our body posture is very important to every aspect of our life be it health-wise or emotionally. Having good body posture may lift your mood, reduce tiredness, and even aid people suffering from depression.


But some of our daily activities can negatively affect the way we carry ourselves. Here are some of the things which you might be doing that negatively affect your posture.

Cradling your phone between your neck

Holding your phone between your ear and shoulder may help you multitask by keeping your hands free to do other things, but eventually, you risk damaging your back. This habit may strain the muscles on your upper neck as your neck and shoulders are not meant to hold this position for a long time, and this will affect your posture.

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Sleeping Under A Heavy Blanket

While you may enjoy the cozy feeling of sleeping under a big fluffy blanket, lifting and arranging it while making your bed requires you to bend and use more of your muscles which causes cause back pain in time and affect your posture.

Carrying a Crossbody bag

When carrying a bag, the weight proportion must be properly shared across the body. Wearing a bag that isn’t balanced on your body is one of the worst things to do for your body posture. Although it might seem very classy and up-to-date in the fashion world, or even tempting to carry the biggest bag to enable you to carry many things in it, the heavier and improperly balanced the bag is, the more problem it may cause for your spine. When the bag is being carried on one shoulder and the weight isn’t evenly distributed, it may cause strain injuries in the neck and shoulders thereby leading to poor body posture.

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Frequent Use of A Laptop

The laptop is a mobile computer that makes it easier to take and be used anywhere. Although this is a very tempting advantage of the laptop, it is advisable to n frequently take advantage of the laptop’s mobility. Slouching and looking down at the screen for a long period can weaken the muscles and eventually cause poor posture. The strain on the muscle caused by constantly slouching and looking down at the screen is quite equivalent to putting a 60-pound weight on your neck, according to a study.

Wearing The Wrong Glasses

Wearing the wrong glasses may cause pains in the neck and this can negatively affect your body posture. Using the wrong glasses may cause you to tilt your head backward to look through the lower part of the lenses, this strains the muscles in your neck and causes stiffness. To avoid this effect, make sure to take regular breaks to stretch and walk around.


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