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Why Drinking Coffee Can Make You Feel Sleepy

Coffee is generally known as a start-up drink for the day, because of one of its major ingredients which is caffeine. The consumption of caffeine triggers the central nervous system which wakes you up and makes you feel very energetic. However, there are scenarios where coffee does the opposite of making you feel energetic and rather makes you feel very weak and sleepy.


The effect of coffee on the body varies, and the way it affects each one of us also varies. Here are some of the reasons why coffee might leave you feeling sleepy.

Its Diuretic Nature


In layman’s terms, taking a cup of coffee may have you visiting the toilet more often. If you take a decent amount of coffee, say two to three cups, you may likely not feel the effect, but if you take in four or more cups of coffee, you may find yourself dashing to the restroom more often to urinate.

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When the body loses more fluid than it is taking, it begins to get dehydrated and tiredness follows.

Coffee Blocks the Adenosine Effect

The adenosine receptors are a part of the brain that controls your sleep and wake cycle. When you take coffee, the stomach and small intestine absorb the caffeine and distribute it to various parts of the body (Including the brain) through the bloodstream. When the caffeine reaches the brain, it sticks to the adenosine receptors and binds with it thereby stopping the brain from processing its Adenosine although this doesn’t mean it stops producing it. Once the caffeine wears off, the buildup of adenosine that is bound to the brain’s receptors will make you feel tired.

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The Sweetener Effect and Not The Coffee.

Some major Sweeteners of coffee are whipped cream, honey, syrup, or plain sugar which could lead to a Sugar crash and thereby lead to tiredness. When there is more ingestion of sugar by the body than it is used to, insulin is produced to counter it. However, insulin also makes the blood glucose which is the body’s main source of energy to drop. So as the blood glucose level decreases, you begin to lose energy which can wear you out and also make you feel hungry and irritable.


In conclusion, there are various ways in Which coffee can affect the body, It all just depends on the way it is being prepared and how much is being ingested.


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