Clarendon Scholarships at Oxford

Clarendon Scholarships at Oxford is unleashing academic excellence. The prestigious Clarendon Scholarships at Oxford University offer exceptional opportunities for outstanding students worldwide to pursue their academic endeavors. However, this piece will take you through the necessary steps you need to secure the Clarendon scholarships. 

Clarendon Scholarships at Oxford

Clarendon Scholarship at Oxford

Clarendon scholarship offers 160 new, fully-funded scholarships to assist graduate scholars every year.


It also provides a chance to join a top multidisciplinary community at Oxford, however building a community for you. 

The scholars are selected for their high intellectual capability and potential, making it merit-based. It is one of the most highly competitive scholarships out there.


You must have heard of the University of Oxford, one of the most famous universities in the world.

However, the good news is that studying at the University of Oxford is not so far-fetched anymore.

However, with the Clarendon Scholarships, your dream of studying at Oxford can now become a reality. 

Benefits of the Clarendon Scholarship

The following are some of the benefits of opting for a Clarendon scholarship:


1. It offers a fully-funded scholarship that covers your course fees. Additionally, it provides a grant for living expenses for the period of fee liability.

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2. Scholars on a full-time course receive an annual grant for living costs, about 15,009 euros.

Scholars on a part-time course receive a study support grant to assist with non-fee costs. This grant is about 2,502 euros for DPhil Scholars and about 5,003 euros for Master’s scholars.

3. It pays no respect to your nationality, present residence, or the field of study you propose. It supports students across the university with no preference for courses or any subject area.

4. Once you apply within the given time, the platform automatically considers you in a way relevant to your course. You don’t need a separate application for your course.

Scholarship Eligibility

To qualify for the Clarendon scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria. The scholar must:

1. Speak English as this is the language required by the scholarship

2. Be putting in for graduate studies at the University of Oxford. This study includes DPhil and Masters. All degree-bearing courses are eligible as long as it is at the graduate level. You can re-apply for DPhil funding if you’re currently studying for a master’s degree at Oxford

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Also, they must not:

1. Be putting in for Diploma courses or Postgraduate Certificate

2. Hold deferred offers, which will start within the session

3. Be a current student at the University of Oxford who wishes to continue studying for the same degree.

How to Apply for the Clarendon Scholarships 

However, there are no separate documents necessary for your application. To apply for the scholarship, use the following steps:

1. Apply within the relevant timeline for your course. Check out the application deadline for each course on the scholarship site.

2. The academics in your proposed field of study will consider your application. However, the assessment will look deeply into your credibility and academic quality.

3. After the assessment, the department will notify you of the outcome of your application. Based on the selection criteria available on their site, the academics are totally in charge of who comes in.

4. The top-ranked departmental nominees for Clarendon enter a shortlist.

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5. Once the shortlist completes, the Clarendon Fund Administrator will contact successful applicants. However, the scholarship offer letter will arrive at all those chosen.

6. Accept the offer once you’ve got this letter and secured your funding.

7. Clarendon Partnership Awards compares scholars depending on the award requirements. Hence, this process will require no information from any of the offer holders. 

8. Once they have confirmed the scholar’s unique funding package, they will receive a funding breakdown letter. However, the letter will outline the funding arrangements. 

9. Always remember the body will contact all successful candidates through email. Also, they wouldn’t contact all successful students due to the number of applicants.

10. If there is any withdrawal from nominated students – which is practically very rare – there’ll be a few nominations later on.

Finally, the Clarendon Scholarships at Oxford University stand as a testament to academic excellence and opportunity.

However, these prestigious awards open doors to transforming educational experiences.

Hence, if have read through this piece, you stand a better chance of winning this scholarship.


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