Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship: Everything you should Know

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship: Everything you should Know, opening research opportunities around the globe. However, the esteemed Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship offers an exceptional platform for aspiring researchers worldwide. Hence, this piece will explore everything you need to know about Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship: Everything you should Know


Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

This scholarship program is one that the University of Edinburgh organizes to support scholars willing to further their education.

The University offers 30 scholarships for Ph.D. Research Programme, though it’s possible this figure changes with the session. The student’s amount after a successful application varies based on the course of study.


Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship will cover the difference between the tuition fee for a UK/EU postgraduate student. It also covers the fees chargeable to an overseas postgraduate student. The target group is international students.

There is no specific field of study for this scholarship, and any of them goes.

The awards do not cover the scholar’s maintenance expenses. They are also tenable for three years, subject to satisfactory progress.

How to Apply for the Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

At this point, you are well aware that to access the scholarship application system, you must be eligible.

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The primary thing is you must have applied for admission to the University of Edinburgh. This is however the first step in your application process.

1. Please note that the result of your application for admission doesn’t come instantly. It can take up to five working days for the systems to complete their checks and grant you access.

2. Once you’ve cleared this, proceed to the online scholarship application form. You can find this in EUCLID and access it via MyEd, on the university’s official Website.

3. Now, log in to MyEd using your University username and password.

4. Acquire an application form and fill it up

5. Crosscheck all details in your application before submitting your document

6. Ensure you complete all processes before the application deadline. However, the platform will consider only applications that come in before the deadline.

7. After your submission comes the selection phase. The university will set up a special selection committee to judge the students. The judges’ decision is strictly based on the criteria.

8. Visit the Website for any other assistance you may need

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Scholarship Eligibility

Before applying for the scholarship, have in mind that there are criteria that you must observe.

Like many other scholarships, the Edinburgh scholarship has certain conditions that all applicants must meet. They include:

1. The applicant must be an international or overseas student.

2. They must be commencing or have applied for admission to a full-time Ph.D. level program in the university.  They must be pursuing research work on any course of their choice.

3. Hence, all must be liable to pay the tuition fees at the applicable rate to international students.

4. However, having outstanding academic merit and research potential is a crucial factor.

5. The scholarship considers candidates with an upper second-class honors Bachelor’s degree or the overseas equivalent.

However, to be competitive, such candidates should preferably have a first-class Bachelor’s degree with an exquisite Master’s degree supplementing.

Always remember your chances are broad when you have better academic results.

Other Excluding Factors

Below are some factors which could lead to the removal of a candidate:

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1. The University will not consider individuals who already have a Ph.D. or any other equivalent honors. This occasion is due to direct research training.

2. You may have applied for your Master’s program in a particular year and your Ph.D. the following year. If this is the case, you are not eligible for an award in the current year of your Master’s.

3. The University of Edinburgh will not consider students already undertaking a Ph.D. program.

4. You cannot hold an Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship with some equivalent scholarships. Consider scholarships like a Commonwealth Scholarship or a Marshall Scholarship as equivalent.

5. Additionally, please note that the university doesn’t consider financial status, the proposed field of study, and nationality.

However, applicants for Ph.D. Economics with integrated study for four years cannot apply via MyEd.

These applicants should email their paper application. They should as well submit this application before the deadline.

Lastly, the Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship offers a gateway to pursue cutting-edge research and contribute to the global academic community.

However, if have read through this piece, you should be exploring the information by now.


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