Belgium Universities Scholarships 2023

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Have you ever dreamt of studying in Belgium? Indeed, those dreams are worth chasing as Belgium is one of the best places for international students. However, with some Belgium universities scholarships, it can only get better.

Belgium Universities Scholarships


In this post, you’ll explore some outstanding Belgium universities scholarships for people like you. Additionally, you’ll get information on their details, benefits, criteria, and application process. Therefore, stick with this post to the end so that you’ll miss nothing. 

Here are some of the Belgium universities scholarships you should shoot for right away:

  • Ghent University Top-up Grants for Developing Countries 
  • Science@Leuven Scholarships for International Students 
  • Liege Heritage Foundation Scholarships for International Students 

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Ghent University Top-up Grants for Developing Countries 

Ghent university – one of the top schools in Belgium – offers grants to candidates on the OESO-DAC. However, candidates must be pursuing a master’s degree at the university to be eligible, among other requirements. Likewise, the candidate can apply for a masters-after-masters program that the school teaches in English.


There is no specific number of grants for a year. Annually, the number of grants is subject to change. However, for the recent session, ten candidates received the award.

The scholarship has a monetary value of a thousand euros. However, this amount is simply a monthly allowance. Furthermore, the scholarship covers insurance for health, repatriation, and civil liability.

Again, interested persons should know that the scholarship doesn’t cover tickets, visas, and other airfare costs. Also, it is renewable for two years. However, the candidate must perform excellently in the first year for this to be possible.

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The candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be new students applying for a master’s or master-after-master’s degree in Ghent University.
  • All applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree. Those applying for a master-after-master’s degree must have a master’s degree first.
  • In terms of nationality, there are strict rules guiding it. Applicants must come from the long list of countries on the OESO-DAC list.

Also, the scholarship gives preference to those on the first three columns of the country’s list. Exceptionally, those on the fourth column have to portray clear motivation for the program for higher chances.

  • There are no stringent rules on the age limit. However, students under 40 years of age get more preference.

Here are some points the judges of the award use when selecting the winners:

  • The candidate’s qualifications in the sense of academic merits. Hence, candidates must be educationally outstanding.
  • The impact of the scholarship in the student’s country after the years of study.
  • The females in society don’t usually get a chance for proper representation. Hence, the scholarship gives more preference to female candidates.

Application Process

The scholarship doesn’t allow for direct application as there are no application forms to fill. Hence, it all depends on the program you like to study. In this case, the program chooses the top three on their list as candidates for the award. 

If you’re keen on getting this scholarship, reach out to your study program immediately. Afterward, provide reasons why you should be on the shortlist for the award. 

Furthermore, everyone who makes it to the shortlist will get a notification. Keep in mind that only students with academic admission are fit for it. 

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Finally, all candidates should make their applications and submit them before the deadline as lateness will cost you. During the application, candidates should ensure they pick the ‘Top-up Grant” option in the financial means category. 

Science@Leuven Scholarships for International Students 

This funding aims to develop Science students at the K. U. Leuven. It honors motivated and skillful international students pursuing a Master’s at the university. It doesn’t offer a fixed number of scholarships. 


The scholarship is worth up to €10,000 and lasts for a year. Moreover, this amount covers your tuition, insurance, and other expenses. Also, it offers allowances for living expenses though it has no fixed amount. 

Again, if the Master’s program is to last for two years, it is renewable. However, candidates must portray excellent results after the first year to access this package. 


The following are the requirements for the scholarship. All candidates must fulfill everything. Otherwise, don’t bother applying for the scholarship:

  • The applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a university outside the country. However, this bachelor must usher them into their master’s degree program. 
  • All participants must not have anything to do with the University of Leuven earlier. That is, they must not have studied or worked in the institution. 
  • Applicants who have gotten a former Master’s or Ph.D. degree are not eligible. 
  • They must all have excellent academic backgrounds. Also, they should be able and willing to prove their intellectual stance. 
  • Since the English Language is a core factor, every applicant has to prove their knowledge of English. They must provide the details of the TOEFL or IELTS exams with specific points. Visit the scholarship website for more precise information on the points. 
  • Your strong motivation for the program is another winning point.
  • Every applicant must be willing to act as an Ambassador for the Leuver Scholarships. 
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Application Process 

Firstly, applicants should register for admission on the website. After registration, they should ensure they make screenshots of their successful registration. 

Afterward, they may apply for the scholarship using the KU Leuven application tool. Here, they will provide the screenshots and other relevant materials. All submissions must come in before the deadline. 

Liege Heritage Foundation Scholarships for International Students 

The Liege university is open to sponsoring students in their Master’s and Ph.D. programs. Interestingly, it is available for both EU and non-EU students, making it one of the hottest Belgian University scholarships. 

It offers several scholarships, some of which are presently ongoing. However, some other offers are closed until another session. If you’re aiming for Liege university scholarships, you can start now. 

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The benefits range from award to award. However, it certainly covers all the student’s expenses. Kindly visit the website for more information. 


Also, the eligibility requirements differ from award to award. Interested persons should kindly visit the scholarship site. 

Application Process 

Every application for the Liege Scholarships works through the school site. The site offers comprehensive information on each package and demand. However, keep in mind that the contents appear in French, so you’ll need a translator will work. 

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