Most of us think beauty is all about our faces and bodies.

But no,if that’s how you define beauty ,you need to read this.

They’re two types of beauty.

The INNER BEAUTY which is your HEART and the OUTER BEAUTY which is physical that’s your FACE and BODY.

The inner beauty can sustain on its own without the physical beauty but the physical beauty cannot sustain without the inner beauty .

Ask me how??

The reason your physical beauty cannot sustain without the inner beauty is that it has no power , it only attracts people and can’t keep them.

People may come up to you because of your speaking face and body but they will leave as soon as they find out the colour of your heart , it’s either white or black.

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When you see through the mistakes and faults of others ,

When you know the weakness of others and not using it as a weapon against them,

When you have the same thought, you have for yourself for others,

When you see to the needs of others without expecting anything in return.

When you don’t discriminate,

When you don’t have any class ( I’m rich , she’s poor I can’t be her friend)

When you see others,as you see yourself,

When you wish for others what you wish yourself,

When you put smile on others faces and not making them cry.

When you don’t keep malice or grudges

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When you see the best in people and not their worst

When you don’t take pleasure in playing with others heart

When you don’t take pleasure in lying just to have your way and so on.

Then, you have a PURE HEART which can be compared to WHITE. And you are beautiful within and without. For GOD said , everything he created is BEAUTIFUL but we can make ourselves UGLY.

If you don’t have any of the list above then, your beauty is weak and can not take you anywhere .Your physical beauty only ATTRACTS people to you and when they come,what they see in your heart determine if they will stay or not.

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You may be asking,how can they see my heart?


People can see your heart from :

What you say,

How you say it,

How you see others and things ,

How you relate to things and many more.

What ever you say or do has been processed in your heart before letting it out.SO, YOU ARE THE WAY , YOUR HEART IS.

So, I will ask the question again.







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