How To Stop Procrastination

The beautiful art of keeping up with your past is called procrastination and incase you don’t know, it is a deadly disease. Several persons spend most of their convincing themselves on why they can get something done completey tommorow instead of beating their chest to ensure they finish today.


The truth of the whole matter is that when you want to climb a hill, waiting won’t make the hill to immediately become smaller for you to climb, what will is actually getting yourself to climbing it immediately.



When you are procratinating, it means that you think you have like a thousand years to live on this earth which is not true at all. It is just a way that your precious and productive time gets stollen. Therefore instead of you to be waiting just get on to it by following the principles below.


Effective Ways To Stop Procrastinating

What makes easy things difficult is procrastination and what makes diffucult things even more difficult is the same procrastination but this may help a bit.



1. First Ask Yourself The Simple Question “Why Am I Even Procastinating”

The joy of completing a task or a goal cannot be overemphasized. Therefore if you find yourself in the constant habit of not completing or even planning to start your task, then you have to really sit down and ask yourself this important questions as well as convince yourself on why or not you should complete a task.

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However, the truth is that procrastinating has never done anyone any good and don’t ever think it will for you too.


2. Run Away From Procrastinators

Show me your friends and I will tell you your future still works here. Some students top friends are people who procastinate alot and believe me, that’s a cobweb that covers you. If you want to be one that sets plans and wants to achieve them, you have to runaway from these set of people.


3. Reduce Your Plans To An Achievable Means

The reason why most people procrastinate is because the task they set for themselves is enough to kill 10 People at a time. So they find theirselves postponing and postponing their goals until they no longer become achievable.

Therefore there is need to breakdown your goals or tasks so that you can easily achieve them. It is better to achieve the goal in 2 months while doing it daily than to set yourself to do it in 1 week and seeing yourself not been able to start in even in 5months.

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4. Technology

This factor is one of the growing causes of procastination and it will always be on the rise because daily new things are found on the internet that take away your time.


I have found someone who could not set his priorities straight and just only chatting online for a full day. The addiction of people especially students on social media is on the rise and the best is to learn how to control and plan your time.


5. Learn To Tell Yourself The Truth

Everyone has conscience and if you are not using it, then you might never achieve anything in this life. It comes to a time you have to tell yourself the simple truth that you have been wasting time and not achieving your targets as well as getting yourself to actually achieve them.

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The truth is that most times, only you yourself can tell yourself the truth because people might not even know what’s going on in your life. They only know what you tell them. Therefore ensure you learn to speak the truth to yourself especially when you no longer understand why your life is not going the way you planned it.


6. Plan Your Day

A popular saying says that “if you are failling to plan, it therefore means that you are planning to fail”. Therefore ensure you always consciously plan your day to avoid you from not achieving nothing.


7. Motivate Yourself

Like I have said Earlier, the only person that can motivate you is you. Please don’t get me wrong, other people can but if you refuse to attend to their advice, then there is nothing they can do. it always boils down to you.


Always learn to motivate and encourage yourself. Did you just conclude a task?, why not take yourself out and buy a plate of fried rice and chicken with some ice cream?..nothing bad in that you might agree.


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