AFCEA Education Foundation Scholarships 2023

The AFCEA Education Foundation Scholarships are all ongoing. Literally, it is raining scholarships from the AFCEA Education Foundation already. However, there are requirements and rules that you must meet and obey before you can apply for any of them and become successful.

For starters, the AFCEA Educational Foundation has at least six general categories of scholarship programs available in 2023. These scholarships are available at different levels which are the undergraduate and the graduate levels. More so, for each level, you must be enrolled and attending full-time at four-year colleges or universities.



AFCEA Education Foundation Scholarships General Requirements

  • Firstly, there are specific requirements for each scholarship category. However, there is still some general laid down requirements for you before you become eligible to apply for any.
  • In line with that, high school students are not eligible to apply. You must apply for only one scholarship in the category.
  • Scholarships are only meant for tuition and mandatory educational fees.
  • Undergraduates that are applying for the AFCEA Education Foundation Scholarship must be enrolled as a sophomore or junior in the university.
  • As an undergraduate, you must be enrolled full-time in a four-year college or university at the time of application.
  • Also, freshman and senior college students are ineligible to apply.
  • A current overall GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale is required.

Furthermore, for the graduate applicants. You must be enrolled in your second semester and at least two semester-equivalent courses per term.

  • The colleges or universities must be the United States accredited schools.
  • A current overall GPA of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale is required.


Colonel Kathleen Swacina Scholarship

In essence, this scholarship was established in honor of Colonel Kathleen Swacina, USA Ret., and her numerous accomplishments throughout her career and affiliation with AFCEA.  A woman that struggled with dyslexia and ADHD throughout her life, but with determination, hard work, and support, she obtained two master’s degrees in computer and information management, and then in strategic studies.

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More so, colonel Swacina has held numerous positions at both the chapter and international levels. As an active member, she has received lots of AFCEA awards for her service throughout her Army career and since her retirement.

Therefore, this scholarship is funded by the generous donation from Col Kathleen Swacina and LTC Daniel Swacina. The scholarship will recognize one outstanding female college student that has shown the potential to excel in college studies. Also, her college studies should be in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths), and attend college full-time.



  • Now, the candidate must be a member of the United States Armed Forces or enrolled in an ROTC program. An honorably discharged veteran of the United States Armed forces or a direct descendant of an AFCEA member or an honorably discharged member of the Armed Forces.
  • Be enrolled as a full-time college or a university student. This university must be U.S accredited institution.
  • You must reside in the states of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida.
  • Undergraduates must be at the sophomore or junior level.
  • Must have completed one semester in community college (If applicable).
  • Graduate students must have completed at least two courses but are not graduating in the current academic year.
  • The candidate must maintain an overall 2.8 GPA.
  • Major in a STEM-related area of study which is in support of the AFCEA mission.
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Application Process

  • Application acceptance begins from October 1, 2023, which includes:
  • An online application form including short-answer questions, educational and career plans, and financial needs.
  • Additionally, the applicant may also describe any challenge(s)  (personal, physical, psychological, educational) that she has had to overcome to get to her present education level.
  • An official college transcript with completed courses and grades from the Fall semester.
  • Two letters of recommendation, at least one of which must be from a professor in the student’s STEM major field of study.
  • A statement explaining how you meet the qualifying criteria of United States Armed Forces or AFCEA affiliation.

The application opens on: October 1, 2023

Scholarship application:



Ralph W.Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarships

Scholarships of $3,000 will be awarded to full-time students (women and minority students) enrolled in their second semester. And at least, two semester-equivalent courses. Again, must be currently pursuing a graduate degree at any accredited school in the U.S. Must be living in the U.S in an eligible major that supports the mission of AFCEA Educational Foundation.


  • U.S citizenship
  • A current overall GPA of 3.5 or higher at the time of application.
  • The expected graduation date cannot be the same year as the scholarship award.
  • Approved STEM courses.

Application Process

Application submission is ongoing since January 1, 2023.


Closing date: May 31, 2023


 ROTC Scholarships

ROTC scholarships, ranging from $2,500 to $3,000 each are awarded to students enrolled full-time in C41-related majors. And other specific related areas of study.

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Closing date: May 31, 2023


 STEM Major scholarships

Applicants will be considered for all of the AFCEA STEM Major scholarship opportunities for which they qualify.

Applicants will be accepted from current eligible undergraduate-level students majoring in STEM fields. This includes cyber security, intelligence, and homeland security-related courses. Online programs are eligible.

Closing date: May 31, 2023




STEM Teachers Scholarships

This is a competitive-based scholarship of $2,500 each. This will be awarded to the successful candidates actively pursuing a graduate degree, credential, or license. And for the purpose of teaching science, technology, engineering, or maths (STEM) subjects at a United States k-12 school.

Closing date: May 31, 2023



War Veterans Scholarships

This is a merit-based scholarship of varying amounts. It will be awarded to the successful candidates on active duty in the U.S military. Also to the honorably discharged U.S military veterans including reservists and national guard personnel. You must be enrolled and attending classes part-time or full-time in an eligible degree program. Also, must be an accredited institution in the U.S

Closing date: May 31, 2023



Chapters Scholarships

Many AFCEA’s chapters provide scholarships, grants, and tuition assistance for aspiring engineers, technicians, programmers, military personnel, and government officials. Financial assistance is made available for students living or attending school within each chapter’s local community.

Check for your chapter’s scholarship opportunity here:


Importantly, all AFCEA scholarship awards are subject to the availability of funding. Scholarship awards are restricted to tuition and mandatory fees.




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