Chevening Scholarship

Seeking to study in the UK can be stressful and time-consuming with all the hassles involved. However, you should know it is not impossible for your dream of study to come true. There is a certainty that your schooling will work out without a problem with a scholarship program.

If you’re that person who has dreams of forwarding your education in the UK, the Chevening Scholarship is just perfect. This post will take you through all you need to know to secure the Chevening scholarship and harness it. There is so much information on the overall scholarship so stick to this post to the end to miss nothing.


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Scholarship Benefits

I can imagine the following question in your mind is what you stand to gain from this scholarship. Indeed, there are many benefits, including an opportunity for all scholars to network with each other. Scholars also have the chance to network with alumni, the FCDO, partner organizations, and other high-profile speakers.

The awardee enjoys the following as well:

  • Payment of tuition fees
  • An arrival allowance
  • Departure allowance
  • Travel top-up allowance
  • Personal living allowance or stipend will cover accommodation, feeding, and other expenses. However, you should know that this part of the benefits depends on whether you’re within or outside London. Also, have in mind that the forum reviews all rates every year.
  • Coverage of the cost of a visa application just for you
  • Economy class travel to and from your country of residence. The organization will approve the route you will take exclusively for you.
  • When necessary, there will be a contribution of seventy-five euros for TB testing.

Scholarship Eligibility

Chevening scholarship is one of the most challenging scholarships to get because it is highly competitive. Out of the many who apply, about two to three percent alone get the privilege of the scholarship. This feature makes the Chevening scholarship a highly prestigious one.

One factor that makes the scholarship difficult is the eligibility and requirements. To increases your chances of attaining this scholarship, you must:

  • Be a citizen of a country or territory that Chevening recognizes. Remember that Chevening does not recognize all countries, so ensure your country is acceptable.
  • Return to your country of citizenship for at least two years when the award ends
  • Have at least two years or 2,800 hours of work experience.
  • Apply to three eligible courses in the UK and have received an unconditional offer from one of the courses
  • Have completed all components of an undergraduate degree to enter a postgraduate program at a UK university.

Some features disqualify you from the Chevening Scholarship. You are ineligible if you are:

  • British citizen or you hold dual British citizenship. This is not affecting you if you are a citizen of British Overseas Territory or BN(O). Your application should also be coming from Hong Kong.
  • A refugee in a non-Chevening eligible country. However, if you are an applicant from a Chevening-eligible country but hold refugee status in a Chevening-eligible country, go on!
  • An employee, former employee, or the relative of an employee of Her Majesty’s Government.
  • Someone who earlier studied in the UK with funding from a UK scholarship, the government funds

Other Notes on Eligibility

If you are an employee, former employee, or relative of an employee of the Chevening Partner organization, you may apply. However, there are some adjustments if your employment took place within the two years of the scholarship. You cannot receive the award from the organization you work for, worked for, or are connected with through relatives.


If you have a master’s degree, you can still apply to study for another master’s degree in the UK. This condition does not prevent your application. However, note that you have to explain how this degree will fulfill your career plan and influence positivity.

Every submission will undergo thorough screening to ensure they meet all the eligibility criteria. The organization will remove any applicant that doesn’t meet the requirements without consideration.

Additionally, there are no age limits for applicants for the Chevening Scholarships.

How to Apply for the Chevening Scholarships

With just five simple steps, your application should be ready for submission. Here’s what to do to have your application up in no time.

  • Check carefully and ensure you meet all the criteria and requirements. You must go through the scholarship policies, terms, and conditions on their guidance pages. They include advice on courses, English Language, and work experience requirements.
  • Research the three courses you would like to select and select them on the form. Ensure you’re selecting the right course. Use Chevening Course Finder to do your research.
  • Secure your referees and present the two written referees – professional and academic. Fill in the information of the referees as supposed.
  • Ensure you are keeping to the times and dates. Visit the website to get complete details on the opening and closing dates. Late applications are not going to pull through.
  • Gather all documents you need for the process. Scan them to your computer or phone and upload them. Ensure all details on the documents show clearly. With all these in place, fill out the online application form.

About Chevening

Chevening Scholarship is an international award program that allows international students to study in the United Kingdom. The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) and other partner organizations fund the scholarship program.

It began in 1983 as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Award Scheme (FCOAS). In 1994, the name changed to Chevening after Chevening House in Kent. As it kept advancing, it kept reaching out to hundreds of thousands of students from around the world.

There are over 50,000 professionals who have enjoyed the privileges that Chevening offers. The program offers two types of awards: Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships. The British embassies and other high commissions worldwide select these awardees.

Chevening scholarship is an excellent opportunity to groom future leaders, decision-makers, and influencers worldwide. It aims at building them academically and professionally as they experience the culture and ethnicity of the United Kingdom. Also, it has become a builder of positive relationships in the UK. 

It is also an inevitable factor of Britain’s public diplomacy effort, which strives to create friendships among all people.  The program favors people who have displayed outstanding skills in leadership and other charismatic power skills. Additionally, it supports British foreign policy.



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