Accra Brewery PLC Organises Competition For Students To Promote Recycling Plastics

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Accra Brewery PLC, has organised its ‘Beta Malt Flip It Challenge’ to inculcate the idea of recycling plastics into young kids at a young age.



The challenge was geared towards instilling entrepreneurial ideas in the students through the recycling of plastics.



The ‘Beta Malt flip It Challenge’ organised by Accra Brewery PLC required participating schools to come up with innovations using plastics.


Ten basic schools participated in the challenge and showcased their items to the judges.

Speaking during an interview, Head of Marketing at Accra Brewery PLC, Chuka Nnaobi said the company is committed to nourishing the students and instilling entrepreneurial mindsets in them at a young age.



“Through initiatives like this, we can encourage everyone to unleash their creativity. So when you consume beta malt and you get the nourishment, don’t litter the environment but reuse the plastic waste for into more creative solutions”, he said.

Director of Cultural Education at the Ghana Education Service of the Greater Accra region, Desmond Ali Gasanga commended the initiative, adding that, it would help in the development of the students.

The students were urged to avoid littering the environment to reduce plastic waste and safeguard the environment.


Reverend Lartey Adotey Memorial Cchool emerged winners and were awarded with 10,000, while the first and second runner ups received 7,000 and 5,000 respectively.


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