The Talented Nigerian That Invented An Electric Tricycle (Keke Napep) 


When it comes to amazing inventions and findings, Nigeria is blessed with people that have creative minds. Despite the situation of the country and the challenges that young talents are facing in the country, people are still looking for ways to make a difference every single day.

A certain Nigerian man that’s known as Engr. Anthony Obinna Okafor, has gone viral after he made a lovely invention that he named “the electric Keke”.

His younger brother posted this invention online, so that people would see his brother’s new invention. This Keke is different from the usual Keke that you know.

This Keke doesn’t depend on fuel for movement, they usually charge it, just like people charge their mobile phones. If you don’t have access to the normal source of electricity, you can use Solar energy to charge it.

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This is the reason for the solar panel that’s on top of the Keke. We pray that this man gets the recognition that he deserves.


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