Some Nigerian Cultures You Must Know

Nigeria is a big nation with many tribes and cultures. It’s not all cultures that are so friendly but it depends on which side of tradition that you may find yourself. For instance, Magun is very necessary for men that love to sleep with other people’s wives.

Nigeria has so many traditions that you might not know about. But we will tell you some of them and explain how they work.


These are some Nigerian traditions that you might not know about.


(1) MAGUN 

Nigerian people have zero tolerance for adultery. There are many men in this Nigeria that only love to sleep with other people’s wives. If you fall into this category, Magun was specially prepared for your enjoyment.

Magun (Thunderbolt), is a black magic that is commonly used by Yorubas, which they put in married women without her knowledge. It’s either her husband or her family member that places this Magun in her, so that if she commits adultery, her lover could end up dead or attached to the woman in the middle of their s*x.

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The man could also suddenly become very tasty, and continue drinking water until he drowns himself with the water. Another way is that, the man will start jumping up, on the third jump, he dies.



This is very common among the Igbo people, but not all Igbos believe in this tradition. In this tradition, the widow is subjected to humiliation to prove that she’s not involved in her husband’s death. All kinds of punishments will be given to her, things like giving her the water that was used to bathe her husband’s corpse to drink, and shaving if her hair, amongst many other things.

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This practice is very common to the Fulani people. They usually do it to prove that a man is capable enough to take a bride for himself. It usually involves the flogging of the man.

Sharo means flogging. The young man will be flogged but he’s not supposed to show any signs it pain, this is to to test his endurance level and to prove that he can protect his family.



This scary tradition is generally practiced in Africa. Unlike the male circumcision that involves the partial or complete removal of the foreskin around the private part, the female circumcision is much more painful. Thanks to education and media, this practice has been greatly reduced in some parts of Africa.

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This tradition is practiced by the Calabar people. A fattening room is a room where young women will have to stay in a room for some time, to prepare for womanhood. Back then in the past, to be fat means that you are prosperous. This room is a place to feed the single girls until the woman is fat before her wedding day.


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